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Jonathan Carrera

Aircraft sales - director of digital media

Jonathan graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. He subsequently joined Leviate as an Aircraft Sales Associate, specializing in market research and analysis. An aeronautical engineer by training, Jonathan brings a great deal of technical and quantitative insight into the business aviation market. With a passion for applied sciences, finance and economics, he is instrumental to Leviate’s unmatched research capability and market intelligence. A talented creative, Jonathan volunteered to build the Leviate brand early in its inception. Not only does he continue to supports the sales team on the creation of market reports, aircraft valuations/appraisals, and aircraft management analysis, but has acquired many more responsibilities as the director of digital media. A gifted musician, Jonathan spends his spare time serving his community as a volunteer at Shoreline City Church, his local home church.

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