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Warren Lovell

Vice President, Europe and Africa

Warren Lovell serves as the Vice President of Aircraft Sales for Europe and Africa at Leviate Air Group, a leading global aviation services company. Stationed in Leviate’s new London office, Warren spearheads aircraft sales operations, forges strategic partnerships, and oversees the acquisition of premium aircraft for resale in the international market, all while expanding Leviate’s global footprint.

With extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, Warren is a respected member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) International Council, where he contributes to enhancing global aircraft sales standards and practices. He is also an active participant on the African Business Aviation Association (AfBAA) Operators Committee, addressing the unique needs and challenges of the African aviation market.

Warren’s dedication to the aviation community extends beyond his professional roles. As the EAA Young Eagles Coordinator for South Africa, he has inspired and mentored the next generation of aviators, nurturing a passion for aviation among young people.

Warren’s expertise and commitment are invaluable to Leviate. His leadership is set to drive significant growth and success in aircraft sales across Europe and Africa, aligning with Leviate’s mission of excellence and innovation in the aviation industry.

Leviate Air Group, renowned for its comprehensive suite of aviation services—including aircraft sales, charter, management, and maintenance—continues to solidify its international presence. With Warren Lovell as a key member of the leadership team, Leviate is well-positioned to deliver exceptional value and service to its global clientele.

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