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Welcome to Leviate Air

Please take a few moments to watch a quick video by our CEO, Luis Barros.
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Welcome to Leviate Air

Please take a few moments to watch a quick video by our CEO, Luis Barros.
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safety culture leaders

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (ISBAO) is a code of best practices that serves as the gold standard for business aviation around the world. It was developed by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) in 2002 and has been endorsed by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and accepted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as an appropriate method of demonstrating SMS implementation. World Class Jet, LLC dba Leviate Jet Management obtained initial certification in 2012 and has maintained a Stage II registration since 2019.

Unparalleled safety operations

The WYVERN Registered Operator program is to ensure the safety of end-users in business aviation and to enhance safety performance transparency of operators for the benefit of all stakeholders. It reflects industry best practice performance expectations for implementing and utilizing a safety management system (SMS), sharing essential safety data with WYVERN, and ensuring pilots meet minimum standards. Leviate Jet Management has been a Wyvern Registered Operator since 2012.

Integrated approach

The LevelFlight Safety Standard has a proactive SMS with many different inputs including regulatory safety agencies. By utilizing an integrated approach to managing the ever-changing compliance and worldwide safety requirements, the LevelFlight Standard creates a safe, efficient, means to comply with FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, and ICAO standards.

What sets the LevelFlight Standard apart from other third-party safety standards and rating agencies is that it is the only system that can take both qualitative and quantitative data across a multitude of platforms, programs, and flight departments and create a higher level of situational awareness. Leviate Jet Management became a LevelFlight Operator in 2021.

Automated Risk Assessment (ARA)

The Automated Risk Assessment offered by LevelFlight creates a safety score built upon data taken from multiple facets of our operation as well as crew experience, flight day length, rest

from the previous day, and various flight conditions at departure and destination such as weather, mountainous airports, airports with short runways, etc. An ARA safety score is created for each and every flight and they are treated as individual events to create a more reliable assessment.

Safety Management System (SMS)

Leviate Jet Management utilizes a verified and ICAO compliant Safety Management System. This SMS is a continuous loop of system safety processes to ensure the safety initiative is predictive and can identify and mitigate hazards or risks proactively. The SMS includes:


– A Safety Committee who is chaired by the Director of Safety, comprised of representatives from each department, and meets at regularly scheduled intervals.

– A non-punitive safety culture for all company employees that encourages open lines of communication between employees and the Director of Safety and Safety Committee.

– Formal risk controls in place for approaches to, departures from, and training designed to minimize the hazards of flying to Specially Designated Mountain Airports (SDMA) such as Aspen, CO (KASE); Telluride, CO (KTEX); Sun Valley, ID (KSUN); South Lake Tahoe, CA (KTVL).

Flight Coordination Center

Our 24/7 Flight Coordination Center allows us to provide the highest level of Ground and In-Flight support. Our highly skilled team coordinates and anticipates every aspect of a trip, minimizing duplication of efforts and increasing communication efficiency between crew members, maintenance personnel, owners clients, charter clients, and third-party vendors.

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