Looking to Buy a Private Jet? Check Out Available Ownership Options

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Owning your first private jet is a proud and exciting moment. Whether you are buying a jet for personal excursions or business travel, you need to consider various factors such as amenities, specifications, operational costs, and ownership. Among these, ownership is one of the most important factors, as buying a private jet is a huge […]

Busting 7 Myths about Private Jet Services

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Private jet services offer several benefits over commercial flights that range from convenience, comfort, privacy to speed. Even if you make arrangements to fly via a private jet service at the last moment, chances are you will get one to fly you to your destination, which rarely happens with commercial flights. Despite presenting several benefits, […]

A Sneak Peek into the World of Cessna Citation Private Jets

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Cessna Citation, founded by Clyde Cessna and Victor Roos in 1927, is a revered name in the world of private aircraft and aviation consulting. Although the company is known for small, piston-engineered aircraft, some of the recent additions to it’s line of business jets has positioned it among segment leaders. The company, today, offers an […]

Assessing the Safety Policies of a Private Jet Charter Services Company

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Availing private jet charter services is the mainstay of the wealthy, company executives, and elites. Private jet charter trumps flying on commercial flights as you don’t have to spend hours waiting for security and luggage clearances. That said, you need to evaluate various factors before hiring private jet charter services. Among the parameters, safety, without […]