New Senior Flight Control Specialist – Casey Barr

casey barr

Leviate Air Group expands its operations team with the addition of Casey Barr as Sr. Flight Control Specialist. Based in Dallas, Casey will be working within the Operations Division to ensure logistical certainty as he manages day-to-day operations.

Leviate Air Group Expands East Coast Office

brandon steele

Leviate Air Group expands its East Coast Office with the addition of Brandon Steele as Regional Vice President of Aircraft Sales, Florida. Based in Tampa, Steele will be working closely with Michael Barber, Regional Vice President of Aircraft Sales, East Coast.

Large-cabin Ultra-long Range Jets: Bombardier Global 6000 vs Dassault Falcon 7X

aircraft flying in sky side view

The Bombardier Global 6000 and Dassault Falcon 7X are two of the most reliable planes in the league of large-cabin ultra-long range private jets. Packed with innovative technologies and features, the flagship private jets are an ideal choice for long itineraries. When it comes to making a pick, however, you need to consider more than […]

Screening to Closure: How to Buy Your First Jet

aircraft outside with stairs open

Nothing beats the excitement of buying your first jet. Be it for business purposes or personal use, the purchase is a huge investment that requires careful consideration of various factors, such as specifications, amenities, and operational costs. Besides these considerations, there other factors that you must consider before visiting an aviation consulting firm or private […]

Top 5 Upcoming Private Jets That Deserve Your Attention

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Long clearance lines that often move at a snail’s pace, delayed/cancelled flights, and unsatisfactory service levels are forcing commercial airline passengers to look for better alternatives. Availing private jet charter services tackles most such problems, which is why some people are leaning towards the option for their business and leisure travel requirements. Many others take […]

Turboprops or Light Jets: Which Way To Go?

aircraft side view outside

Turboprops are planes that use a turbine engine, instead of a piston or jet engine. Most of these aircraft lack the speed of light jets, barring a few exceptions such as Avanti Evo. Contemporary turboprops have a lower cruise speed than light jets, but are usually more fuel efficient, which reflects in their overall costs […]

A Sneak Peek into the World of Cessna Citation Private Jets

aircraft flying in sky under

Cessna Citation, founded by Clyde Cessna and Victor Roos in 1927, is a revered name in the world of private aircraft and aviation consulting. Although the company is known for small, piston-engineered aircraft, some of the recent additions to it’s line of business jets has positioned it among segment leaders. The company, today, offers an […]

Gulfstream G650: Unifying Speed, Style, Luxury and Comfort

aircraft below engine

We all want the best of everything – be it the car we drive or the plane we fly. That brings us to Gulfstream G650 – one of the biggest, fastest, and most luxurious private jets money can buy. Despite being a small package, this private jet will fly you from London to Los Angeles […]

Three Key Traits of the Best Aviation Consulting Firms

men boarding aircraft in rainy weather

Charter flights are a mix of business necessity and personal bliss. It isn’t the kind of industry that a company can get into without meeting basic requirements. A poor safety record isn’t going to fly (no pun intended) in the aviation world. Aircraft consulting firms who can’t meet the basics of customer service also fail […]