The Best Summer Resorts Visited By Private Jet

Private air travel provides a luxurious and exclusive flight experience that is just not matched by run-of-the-mill commercial airlines. The relaxing cabin atmosphere alongside the personally oriented service structure makes journeys across the globe an experience rather than simply a mode of transportation.

However, one feature of this deluxe approach to travel that is often not mentioned is the extended access to many of the world’s greatest summer resorts, that are sometimes only available to reach by private charter flights. These resorts offer an immensely exclusive alternative, that few people in the world get to experience. Furthermore, travel on private jets eliminates the need for connecting flights, giving you less time travelling and more time relaxing.

Keep reading to find out the absolute crème de la crème of all the summer resorts on offer and find your next private jet getaway destination.

Four Seasons, Lanai:

As the sixth largest of the Hawaiian islands, Lanai is host to a quality array of summer resorts, all situated in the unspoiled, picturesque landscape of the vibrant ‘Pineapple’ island.

Spend time exploring the island’s rich history with its many tourist attractions, such as the striking Garden of the Gods rock garden, enjoy local cuisine expertly prepared by top chefs offering their culinary excellence, or simply spend your time relaxing and soaking in the atmosphere at the resort’s various lagoon-style pools. Quiet sandy beaches and towering palm trees are certainly best enjoyed in the heat of summer, which makes this island a perfect summertime getaway. Travel by private jet to skip the delay with a connecting flight from Honolulu, and get extra time to enjoy this Hawaiian paradise.

Conrad, Bora Bora

With its rustic overwater accommodation, sitting atop of the glistening blue sea, the French Polynesian island is renowned worldwide, and for a good reason. The island plays host to awe-inspiring views of the peaks of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, whilst on ground level, the area is decorated in pristine white sands and crystal clear waters. At night time, the island paradise even provides a prime location for late night stargazing.

Making the trip to Bora Bora by private jet is now easier than ever, with a recently introduced non-stop private flight from Los Angeles, which eliminates the boat ride that is usually necessary to access the island’s resort. With its world-famous surroundings, beautiful weather and abundance of coconut trees, Bora Bora is perfect for anyone with a taste for the tropical.

Virgin Resort, Necker Island

As one of the most exclusive island experiences available, Necker Island, a part of the group of British Virgin Islands, is owned by Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson. The island has been the holiday-home for many A-list celebrities in the past such as Barack and Michelle Obama, Kate Winslet and Princess Diana.

The entirety of the island plays the part of the resort and at a maximum accommodates for a total of 32 guests. As it is only reachable by private jet, Necker island is a true getaway in every sense of the word. What’s more, travelers who have extra luxury in mind can even book the entire island for their stay.

After exploring the palm tree beaches, spotted the exotic wildlife, and eaten at the resort’s multiple picturesque dining environments, all underneath the Caribbean sun, you won’t need to wonder why the Necker Island resort is known as Branson’s personal favorite island getaway.

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