4 Super Midsize Cabin Jets that Ruled 2016

Luxury and private jet charter go together like cheese and wine. Travelling by way of private jet rental is not only luxurious but an efficient way to reach various parts of the world. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury private jets, as they are available in a number of categories and sizes. There’s one to suit every travel need. Super midsize jets are powerful, yet luxurious private jets available on charter that offer state-of-art avionics and top-notch amenities. Let us take a look at five of the best super midsize jets that topped the private jet rentals in 2016.

1. Dassault Falcon 50EX

Through the years, Dassault has carved a niche for itself in designing majestic private jets, and the Falcon 50EX is just another example of the impeccable design and craftsmanship. True to its namesake in the bird species, the Falcon 50EX is agile, powerful, and a predator in its own right, given its engine assembly of three Honeywell TFE731-40 turbofan engines. Each engine can generate 3,440 pounds of pure thrust, enabling the aircraft to reach 49,000 feet of certified ceiling height. When it comes to providing luxurious travel, the Falcon 50EX doesn’t disappoint either. It incorporates the innovative FADEC (Full Authority N1-reference Digital Electronic Engine Control) systems, which reduce the pilot’s workload and optimize fuel consumption, by automatically starting and restarting the engines on the ground.

2. Cessna Citation X

The private aviation market bustled with excitement when Cessna first announced its Citation X series of private jets. The series had been billed to be the fastest, most efficient, and luxurious Cessna aircraft, and once it came out, the market was left in awe, as it did not disappoint! The Citation X is the fastest super midsize jet in production, and can cruise at 0.9 Mach speed, thanks to its innovative aerodynamic design that boasts computational fluid dynamics computer technology. At its core, the jet has a AE3007C1 turbofan engine from Rolls Royce that churns out a massive 8,600 pounds of thrust.

3. Bombardier Challenger 300

From its days designing snowmobiles, Bombardier has come a long way to designing sensational aircraft that stay true to the Canadian heritage of free spirit and adventure. The Challenger 300 is the latest aircraft in the Bombardier family. It is one mean machine with twin Honeywell HTF7000 turbofan engines. The Challenger 300 gets a massive 6,826 units of thrust from each engine, enabling it to travel at speeds over 0.82 Mach, upto a certified flight ceiling of 45,000 feet. This aircraft can seat eight to nine people across a double-club configuration that also features fold-out tables and AC power plugs for each passenger.

4. Gulfstream G-200

Our list of powerful super midsize jets is incomplete without the Gulfstream 200 designed by the Galaxy Aerospace Corp (a division of Israel Aviation Industries.) The Gulfstream 200 was one of the first generation of private jets to be engineered by the company, and still woos buyers, with its breathtaking speed, elegant design, and luxury. At its core, the aircraft has two Pratt & Whitney PW306A engines that have a thrust-rating of 6,040 pounds each. While the main structure is made from aluminum alloys, steel, and titanium, the aircraft’s interiors have been designed using composites, making it powerful and light enough to cover transcontinental distances with ease.

Wrapping Up

Super midsize cabin jets are designed to strike a balance between various aircraft features such as cabin size, operating costs, speed, and range. The jets have coast-to-coast flight capabilities, and epitomize luxury, comfort, and cutting edge avionics. If you are looking for a reputable private jet rental and purchase company, look no further than the Leviate Air. We specialize in aircraft sales and acquisitions, and can also help you with up-to-date private jet rental costs and seamless bookings according to your travel plans. Fill out our contact form to hire a private jet or get more information. You can also call us at (877) 720-2770.