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Our Market Intelligence team serves as a pillar to our sales & acquisitions expertise

unparalleled Insight

Deep knowledge of all aspects of the private aviation market allows us to advise our clients with excellence, resulting in the most informed decision possible. As unmatched experts in private aviation, our team is in constant research mode, from product knowledge (airframe, cabin configuration options, third party engine & avionics providers, upgrade options, etc.), to manufacturing and maintenance procedures, schedules, market history, micro- and macroeconomic dynamics, and geopolitical events that impact aviation.

What sets our team apart?

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in-depth knowledge

Leviate Sales consists of a team of internal researchers and vast network of brokers, dealers, and aircraft owners. Leviate’s Sales Brokers are armed with every tool they need to ensure they have the most up to date intel on recent transactions and market adjustments.

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We set the bar

Leviate holds ourselves to the highest standards to provide the best level of service with total and complete transparency. We are here to guide you in one of your most critical investments. We’re focused on making sure you get the absolute best value.
Safety Is the single most important thing to look for in a private aircraft operator

at your service

Leviate boasts a large team of talented resources, from Market Research to highly trained and qualified Brokers with deep connections. This enables you to make the most informed decisions with global access to aircraft and buyers others simply can’t obtain.

market insights

market reports

Our team works to bring you valuable market insights to keep you informed and updated on important dynamics in the marketplace. 

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