Domestic & Global Cargo Transport

From precious cargo to bulk, we've got it covered

Whatever. Wherever.

Leviate Air Group is a worldwide provider of air cargo charter flights. With extensive experience in both domestic and global cargo missions, our team delivers expedient solutions to your most complex logistics need.  Whether originating in the USA or around the world, Leviate has the proven track record to provide you with a successful mission. From small domestic organ transplant charters to vast international airfreight cargo flights, our team provides 24/7 service to deliver your consignment, on time.

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cargo transport

Big or small, we handle it all

Whether it’s a small parcel needing transport along with others designated for the same location, or for private cargo transport, we can help.

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guaranteed secure transport

Needing transport of precious or critical goods? Leviate specializes in providing top-level security features to protect your cargo.

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regulatory compliance experts

Our experienced team of Cargo Brokers is well-versed in regulatory requirements, making sure your cargo gets where you need it to go without risk of interruption.


We strive to provide the most economical cargo options, while also customizing flight details to meet your needs. 

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