4 Things You Should Know about Flying Pets on a Private Jet Charter

Due to the very strict rules and regulations of commercial carriers, many pet owners prefer traveling with their pet on a private jet charter. Travelers, especially those who consider their pet as a member of their family, want it to be treated like a person, and not like luggage, which is the case in commercial flights. There are, however, various factors to consider though before you go airborne with your pet on a charter corporate jet. We list five such vital pieces of information in this blog post. Take a look.

1. Vaccinations and Documentation

Dogs on private jet charters must have proper vaccinations and documents, as per the policy of the destination to which they are traveling. Although most states in the US are lenient when it comes to pet vaccinations, certain international destinations, such as Hawaii, have strict regulations. The US Department of Transportation and the Department of Agriculture prescribe the following general guidelines for flying pets within the US:

  • Must have received rabies vaccination
  • Must be at least 8 weeks old
  • Must be weaned

2. Leash Policy

Safety is always a priority, no matter whether you travel alone or with your pet on a private jet. Owners, therefore, need to leash their pet or carry them in hand, whether they be on the ramp to the aircraft or inside the flight.

3. Presence of Cabin Attendant

One of the biggest perks of a private jet charter is that owners can fly their pets to any destination without having to fly with them. In such cases, however, an attendant must accompany the pet throughout the journey.

4. Safety Equipment

It goes without a saying that you’d want your pet to be safe if anything goes wrong during the flight. Make sure you check all the safety features such as any special health and immunization provisions the charter company may have for pets.

Last Few Words

Different private jet charter companies may have different regulations and amenities available for pets that travel on their flight. Therefore, to ensure there are no hassles when airborne, owners must learn about all requirements before checking the cost of a private plane charter. Leviate Air offers state-of-the-art facilities and comfort, to ensure a seamless experience for you and your furry companion. Our on-air staff ensures that your pet is provided with everything required for a comfortable flying experience. To learn more about our services and private jet charter rates, call us at (877) 721-7903 or fill out our contact form.