5 Adventure Sports Destinations in the US for that Ultimate Thrill

Mundane lifestyles render a lot of people’s spirits dull and lifeless. Spending long hours at work might pay handsomely, but true happiness only comes when we take a little time every once in awhile to let all the stress go. Be it the excitement of paragliding off a volcano or rappelling down a waterfall, it’s the thrill and rush of adrenaline that is the lure for many. There are several weekend getaway options that offer extreme outdoor adventure sports in the US. All you have to do is book a private jet charter flight and unleash your primal instincts. Here’s our pick of the top five Adventure sports destinations in the US. Take a look.

1. Spelunking, McMinnville, Tennessee

Spelunking or cave exploration is a widely popular adventure sport across the globe. In the US, the county of Tennessee offers an exciting opportunity for you to explore your inner caveman and explore the annals of the Cumberland Caverns. These caves incorporate a network of underground passages and caverns that spreads across 32 miles, and are full of rock formations, waterfalls, and underground pools. You can, truly experience the thrill of being a caveman, here in Tennessee.

2. Bobsledding, Olympic course, Utah

You may not know it, but Utah is more than just deserts and the Wasatch Range mountains. Utah offers some of the most exciting adventure sports facilities in the US. The olympic course here in the Park City, is one facility that lets you experience the thrill of bobsledding, that too with only an hour of instruction! All you have to do is, hop on the Comet Bobsled with an instructor, and let yourself go for the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime at 70 mph and 5 times the force of gravity.

3. Rim Trail, Colorado

Love cycling? Then, this single-track mountain-bike route in Colorado will surely woo you away! The trail goes downhill for several miles with approximately 2,000 feet of steep descent, and multiple drops. The Rim Trail also has sections that traverse nothing but rocks and offers scintillating view of the California-Nevada landscape. And did we mention, the lush green pine forests, clueless elks, and majestic snow caps that you’ll encounter while tackling the trail?

4. BASE Jumping, Twin Falls, Idaho

Most people may not be aware of this sport, but BASE jumping is something that is simply legendary! It is part skydiving and part cliff jumping, and you would experience an adrenaline rush like never before, partly because the launch point are at relatively low altitudes, meaning you have very less time to deploy your parachute. Situated approximately 500 feet above the sinuous Snake River, the Perrine Bridge attracts adrenaline junkies from around the world, and the only prerequisite here, is courage.

5. Zero Gravity Flight, Las Vegas

If experiencing zero gravity like an astronaut is on your bucket list, Las Vegas is a great destination. The desert city, riddled with brightly lit casinos and sprawling luxury hotels, also offers the life-changing experience of utter weightlessness, as you travel through the convoluted realms of time and space! All you have to do, is board a modified Boeing 727, as it completes parabolic maneuvers to create a weightless environment. You can also choose between Lunar and Martian gravity space, when you’re in the Vegas!

Bon Voyage

Everyone needs a little time to unwind, relax, go on adventure, and recharge their batteries.  By going on a adventure trip, you get a break from mundane corporate life and also feed your passion for life. Private jet charter services allow you to enjoy the immense benefits of jet cards to book private jet flights as per convenience to some of the most popular adventure sports destinations in the US. Leviate Air specializes in aircraft sales and acquisitions, and also helps you book private jet charter flights to suit your travel plans. To get more information, fill out our contact form, or simply call us at (877) 720-2770.