5 Notable Amenities that Make Private Jet Flights an Exceptional Experience

Flying commercial has its own share of painful experiences that range from long queues at board pass counters to delayed flights. These pain points make it necessary for many flyers, especially business travellers, to charter private jets. Though private jet rental costs are higher than the costs of commercial plane tickets; given the comfort, convenience, and luxury, the added cost is worth every cent. If you too have been planning to hire a private jet for your next trip, we have got you covered. To give you a glimpse of what’s in store, in this post, we highlight five amenities that make private jet charter a must-have experience for flyers.

1. Meeting or Conference Facilities

Private flights are mostly used by business flyers, which is why having meeting or conference facilities on board makes sense. The facilities allow you to fully utilize your time in the air, prepare business plans, or close financial deals. The meeting areas are equipped with state-of-the-art conference facilities such as smartphone and computer connectivity, Wi-Fi access, built-in video systems, and surround sound.

2. Luxurious Lounges

Private jets have generous space that is optimally-utilized to offer personal space to every traveler. Luxury lounges are a prominent amenity offered by most private aircraft. The lounges are equipped with recliner-style seats, overstuffed sofas, and entertainment consoles. Some private jets even offer spacious and functional spaces divided into separate rooms and adorned with classy furniture and elements.

3. Full-service Galley

Good food and beverages work to enhance the flying experience, and private jets do not fall short on this front. One thing you can be sure of, even before chartering a private jet, is a feast that is fit for a king. A full-service galley with all the essential food items and beverages stocked to your request, make sure that there will be no dearth of lip-smacking dishes and fine beverages throughout the journey.

4. Full-size Bedroom

One of the major benefits that come with certain private jet charters is a master bedroom, depending on aircraft model. Unlike commercial flights where you have to make do with recliners, some private jets offer full-size bedrooms, allowing you to relax on board. Having a dedicated bedroom with a bed means you don’t have to compromise on space and can extend your legs for the ultimate in relaxation.

5. Dedicated Flight Attendants

A dedicated team of flight attendants can help make your private flying experience worthwhile. Whether you need another round of drink or an extra blanket, flight attendants can be there to serve you and cater to your every whim. The team of flight attendants is there to cater to your requirements throughout the flight, regardless of the length of the journey.

Wrapping Up

While the amenities we discussed are common on many private jets, there are a few more that you can expect depending on the plane that you charter. A few private jet charter service providers allow you to customize your flights. If you are searching for a reliable private jet charter provider that gives you access to great deals to bring down the price to charter a private plane, look no further than Leviate Air. We are a leading Texas-based private jet charter service provider specializing in plane rental, sales, and acquisitions. We also offer jet card services to frequent fliers which can help maximize charter costs. To know more about our private jet charter costs and services, fill out our contact form or simply dial (877) 720-2770.