5 Reclusive Destinations Accessible via Private Plane Flights

The world is full of mesmerising destinations that promise a lifetime experience. While some spots welcome tourists in large numbers, others are reclusive destinations yet to be fully explored. Some of these uncharted territories are more accessible and fun when you rent a private jet. The luxury, speed, and comfort of private jet charters wins all competition hands-down. If you want to plan a vacation anytime soon, try one of the following reclusive destinations.

Destinations accessible via Private Jet Plane

1. Courchevel

French Alps ski resort, Courchevel is a part of Les Trois Vallées, which happens to be the largest linked ski areas in the world. The resort centre of Courchevel is located at a height of 1,747 metres above the sea level, and is accessible via private plane flights that use the only airport Courchevel Airport for operations. Covered in snow and ice around the year, Courchevel can be the ideal spot to find solace from the scorching summer heat. Enjoy skiing at the French Alps and make some lifelong memories.

2. Barra

Barra is the second southernmost inhabited island of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The island spans only 60 square kilometres. It features white sandy beaches needed by shell-sand in the west, while numerous rocky inlets adore the island’s eastern coast. A ruined church and museum at Cille Bharra, and a number of Iron Age brochs are some of the places of interest in Barra island. With mild temperatures year round, Barra is the perfect holiday destination at any time of the year. Rent a private jet aircraft to the island and enjoy a memorable holiday with family.

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3. Saba

Saba is a small Caribbean island with total land area of 13 square kilometres. It is the smallest special municipality of the Netherlands. The island is home to a potentially active volcano Mount Scenery that stands tall at 2,910 ft, which also happens to be the highest point of the entire Netherlands. Book a private plane flight to Saba to relax at its beautiful beaches and enjoy water activities in the tranquilizing waters to rejuvenate. Your flight will land at Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport that features a mere 1,300 feet long runway.

4. Tegucigalpa

The capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa is a central valley surrounded by mountains that make for a picturesque views. The city a perfect amalgamation of historic and modern architectural marvels, with well-preserved Spanish colonial architectures and shopping centers coexisting. There are as many as 14 museums in Tegucigalpa that trace the country’s history. Traveling to Tegucigalpa can be a thrilling experience, and the thrill starts off the moment you reach there via private jet aircraft. Its 6,601 feet runway at the Toncontín Airport is among the world’s shortest runways. Strong winds and mountains surrounding the airport often require pilots to make unusual maneuvers to keep the plane aligned.

5. Lukla

Lukla is a small town in Nepal, situated 2,860 meters above the sea level in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is the closest town to Mount Everest that has an airport – Tenzing-Hillary Airport – named after first people who reached the Mt. Everest summit. Take a private aircraft charter to enjoy the serene beauty of the mighty Himalayas. Lukla is an ideal spot to enjoy trekking. You may even uncover some virgin treeks. Known for its hospitality, Lukla has numerous lodges catering to tourists and trekkers, and restaurants that serve lip smacking dishes.

Wrap Up

The mentioned destinations are far from your hectic city life and perfect spots to spend some quality time with family. If you are searching for a reputable aviation consultancy from which to rent a private jet aircraft to these serene destinations, look no further than Leviate Air. We are a leading player in the private aviation industry helping individuals and organizations in charter, management, and aircraft sales. You can get an estimate of flying private jet charter through our charter quote facility. Book your private plane flight with us and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience to these reclusive destinations.