5 Tips to Ensure Your Charter Flight is Booked Smoothly

Booking a charter flight for a one-off trip is exciting, and a much smoother process than trying to get a jet card or similar, long term arrangement. Unlike booking a car or renting a hotel room, booking a charter flight is on its own a preview of luxury. A good aviation firm has top notch customer service and smooths the whole process for you. Keeping these tips in mind will help keep things in order.


1. Book as soon as your dates are set

Flexibility is a key advantage of using a charter service. You don’t have to find a private plane for sale to get that “ready on demand” service that’s so useful for both business and spur of the moment pleasure. Aviation firms make their reputation on being able to turn around quick service. Still, the sooner you book, the more choices that you will have. If you can call a day in advance, they will have more options to offer you than if you call wanting to fly out in four hours. Every hour’s of notice affects the amenities, and could give you a better choice of plane model.

2. Research the general cost before calling a firm

Private jet charter prices are not for the penny-counters. What you invest in money is more than returned in luxury and convenience. Once you’ve settled on a firm, check to see if they offer estimates online. Many firms publish general prices in an attempt to reduce sticker-shock at the end of an arrangement. Once you know the general price range you can call and make arrangements much more firmly, as you are better informed.

3. Be ready to fax or email your contract promptly

Contracts are a must in the charter industry, just as they would be if you found a private plane for sale and wanted to buy it. You’re going to have to agree to the services rendered, and the company will have to put down in writing everything that your money is ensuring you. The sooner your contract can be returned completed the sooner services can begin.

4. Be up-front with your booking agent

If this is your first time booking a charter flight, say so. Your booking agent will be happy to fill you in on any details that you want explained. Private jet charter prices reflect an utmost commitment to customer service.
Additionally, don’t be afraid of looking ignorant. If you’re not sure what model plane you’d like to charter and you have options, tell the booking agent what’s really most important to you and your party. They’ll be happy to help you pick the most sensible choice for your needs.

5. Take advantage of other offered services

To cap off your booking experience, ask if they have other services that come with your flight. Some private jet charter prices include transportation to and from the airport, for example. Longer flights may offer a meal. If it’s offered by the company, take advantage of these perks. Your travel plans will be simpler if you leave as much as possible in the same hands. This will keep you from having to juggle as many services or as many bills.

Your charter flight experience should start a soon as you call to book. Luxury, travel, and convenience blend into one. These tips cover the basics of charter booking so that you can have the best experience on the way to the event or location that really matters.