6 Private Jet Etiquette Tips for First Timers

Business and leisure travelers, alike today prefer hiring charter planes to commute. Private jets are fast, can take-off and land on makeshift airstrips, and feature superior in-flight services. You, too, can book a charter plane on your next trip to avoid long clearance lines and other hassles. The experience of flying charter is different from commercial flights in many respects, especially for first timers. Above everything else, you need to know how to conduct themselves. If you belong to this group, relax! We’ve got you covered. The blog post discusses a list of etiquettes you must follow when you book charter flights. Take a look.

1. Follow Parking Etiquettes

Private jet charter service providers allow passengers to drive their car to the  runway (where the plane is ready for take-off) to help them conveniently unload and load luggage. You can also park your car in the designated parking area before boarding the flight. Make sure to park in the direction opposite to the aircraft’s wheels and always engage the handbrake to avoid chances of your car bumping against the jet’s body.

2. Avoid Carrying Extra Luggage

Many private jets, especially the smaller ones, restrict the amount of luggage passengers can carry, in accordance with luggage storage capacity. Most small aircrafts are fit to carry up to seven rolled suitcases. Jets also have weight restrictions, and the provider can ship any extra baggage to your address. It is also advisable to go for soft bags over hard ones, as they’re easier to roll and fit into the luggage compartment.

3. Carry Proper Identification

One significant benefit of booking and travelling by private jet is that you don’t have to stand for hours in long security clearance lines. Private jets usually take-off and land at different facilities from those used by commercial flights. These areas facility is known as Fixed Base Operator, and include small to no clearance queues. You can also carry restricted items on commercial flights, such as conditioners, and moisturizers. That said, you still need to show proper identification such as your driver’s license for domestic flights and passport to board international flights.  Carrying a valid ID also helps you save time, as the flight crew may ask you to furnish personal information, if you’re traveling without any identification.

4. Take the Seat Assigned to you

There are no assigned seats on a private jet. That said, the privilege of choosing seats is only available to the sponsor. Other passengers must wait for the group leader to assign them seats. The flight crew can also request you or any other passenger to change seats to ensure proper weight distribution. Remember, this is for your own safety and you must abide by such requests.

5. Follow Pet Etiquettes

If you intend for your pet to tag along, make sure to contact the provider to learn the pet regulations they follow before booking a charter flight. It is also advisable that you groom your furry friend at least a day before your scheduled flight, to ensure it is not shedding fur or carrying germs. If you’re flying within the U.S., make sure your pet has received a rabies shot, is at least 8 weeks old, and weaned. During the flight, make sure the animal doesn’t block the aisle. Don’t forget to carry clearance documents to ensure you and your furry friend have a hassle-free flight.

6. Notify the Provider if You’re Running Late

It is advisable that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, to ensure the flight crew has enough time to load your baggage. If you’re running late, inform your service provider. Many private jet service providers have a policy of canceling the flight if the passenger doesn’t show up within an hour of scheduled departure. To avoid confusion, know all related terms before signing the contract.

Bon Voyage!

Booking a private jet charter gives you the much needed flexibility that commercial aircraft fail to provide. Regulations are minimum and basic in nature. You must follow the etiquettes discussed in this blog post to create a positive impression on co-passengers and the service provider, and avoid inconveniences. It is also important that you choose your provider wisely before booking a charter plane to ensure you get the superior services. At Leviate Air, we have a number of small, midsize, and large aircraft to meet your specific travel needs. We  provide world class in-flight services to ensure a luxurious and memorable experience. To learn more about our services or book a private jet, fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back, shortly. You can also call us at (877) 720-2770.