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Enitan Adetona

director of market intelligence

Leviate is extremely proud to have Enitan Adetona as the head of the market intelligence team. Enitan has helped solidify Leviate’s standing in this dynamic industry. He has quickly proven to have the passion and skills to provide our clients with the most accurate intel on any market. A Graduate of the University of Oklahoma, he earned a degree in Aviation Management and a minor in General Business. He first discovered his passion for Aviation when he interned for ExxonMobil Aviation in Nigeria, and since then, he has begun looking for opportunities within the industry.

For 3 years, Enitan worked as an Information Technology Specialist Mentor at OU, where he answered customer calls and offered technical solutions. In addition, he provided basic end-user troubleshooting and desktop support on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS’s, responded to device support requests and account authentication problems, and maintained high-tech support standards for quality and productivity metrics.

Before graduating and joining Leviate, Enitan was an Undergraduate Research Assistant with OU & The Federal Aviation Administration Center of Excellence for Technical Training and Human Performance, where He assisted with project reporting to the FAA. In his free time, Enitan likes playing soccer, cooking, and playing flight simulator games with friends.

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