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Justin Pollard, Maintenance Controller at World Class Jet dba Leviate Jet Management

Justin Pollard

Maintenance Controller

Justin has held significant roles in FAA Part 91, 135, and 145 Repair Station Operations, serving as FAA Designee Inspection Authorization, Chief Inspector, and Maintenance Director. His leadership in these capacities ensured the seamless operation of aircraft maintenance activities while adhering to regulatory requirements. Additionally, Justin’s expertise as an AOG Operations Manager highlights his ability to manage critical maintenance situations with urgency and precision effectively.

Notably, Justin has contributed to the success of the Cirrus Aircraft AOG Direct Support Team, specifically on the SF-50 Vision Jet Program. His involvement underscores his proficiency in providing specialized maintenance support for advanced aircraft platforms, demonstrating his adaptability and technical acumen.

Justin possesses a comprehensive Aircraft Knowledge Base Training background encompassing many aircraft manufacturers, including Boeing, Bombardier, Cirrus Aircraft, Cessna, Gulfstream, Dassault, Beechcraft, Avanti Piaggio, and Robinson. This broad expertise equips him to effectively navigate the complexities of various aircraft systems and maintenance procedures.

In addition to his civilian endeavors, Justin has dedicated 17 years of military time under two branches of service. His military background instilled a strong sense of discipline, leadership, and teamwork, which have undoubtedly contributed to his success in the aviation industry.

Justin Pollard’s career trajectory exemplifies a steadfast commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and a tireless dedication to ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft operations. As a Maintenance Controller, he continues to leverage his extensive experience and expertise to oversee and optimize maintenance activities with precision and professionalism.

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