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Michael Zarate

Director of aircraft sales

Michael Zarate comes to Leviate with 8+ years of industry knowledge in Aerospace and Defense. He has experience at industry-leading companies such as Cessna, Bell Helicopter, and Lockheed Martin. Michael has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State University and is skilled in stakeholder communication, process improvement, flexibility, problem-solving, and client deliverables execution.

Michael has been a lead contributor on the aircraft V-22 Osprey, Textron Scorpion, Cessna Longitude, Bell Nexus, and fighter jets like the F-35/F-22/F-16. These cutting-edge projects have allowed Michael to implement his skills to become the inventor of a US patent of 10,994,859 for aircraft fuel systems with fluid line extension sleeves, which showcases his innovative thinking and technical expertise. This patent demonstrates Michael’s ability to think outside the box and create creative solutions to complex problems. He is highly analytical and can provide valuable insights into clients’ issues and develop practical solutions.

When he is not working on top-secret projects, Michael enjoys fishing, wildlife action photography, and playing hockey. Michael’s diverse background and interests, and activities demonstrate his passion for taking on new challenges and finding innovative solutions.

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