Busting 7 Myths about Private Jet Services

Private jet services offer several benefits over commercial flights that range from convenience, comfort, privacy to speed. Even if you make arrangements to fly via a private jet service at the last moment, chances are you will get one to fly you to your destination, which rarely happens with commercial flights. Despite presenting several benefits, there are some misconceptions associated with air charter services. If you too have been caught in the web of false stories relating to private jet charter services, this blog post busts seven such myths to help clear the air.

1. “Air charter services are only for the ultra rich.”

That’s not completely true. While celebrities and the ultra rich regularly use air charter services, it is businesses that use private jet services the most. Air charter services have access to several airports across the globe that are not open to commercial airlines, which helps you land closer to your actual destination. This way businesses not only save on ground transportation costs and time. Private flying can cater to traveling budgets of regular flyers depending on their destination. Having said that, you need to search for best prices when flying privately.

2. “Private charter companies have complex pricing structures.”

This is untrue. Fact is, private charter pricing is transparent and easy to understand. Leviate Air operates on a buy-as-you-fly approach, which offers easy booking of private air travel on domestic and international flights. There’s no complexity in the pricing structures. Primary factors that make up the cost of the private jet charter flights include aircraft cost per hour, passenger taxes, crew salaries, and airport landing fees, all of which do not fluctuate often.

3. “All private jet charter services have hidden charges.”

The reality is that you will always know the total cost of chartering a jet upfront, though the same cannot be said about commercial airlines. Some commercial airlines have different costs for overweight or carry-on bags, and charge extra fees for services such as ticket exchange, seat preference, blanket, and in-flight food, all of which are not presented up front at the time of booking a ticket.

4. “Jet card services offer little to no benefits.”

The truth is jet cards carry various benefits for flyers, ranging from guaranteed flying hours to zero long-term commitment. Most air charter service providers have fleets of different aircraft types available on charter. When you avail jet card services, you can select from a variety of private jets to reach your destination, irrespective of the aircraft cost per hour.

5. “Private jets aren’t as safe as commercial airliners.”

This is a false statement. Private aviation is regulated by the same FAA safety standards as commercial flights. According to FAA regulations, charter aircraft are rigorously monitored for maximum security through scheduled and surprise inspections. For private jet services, the safety of flyers is of paramount importance, which is why they heavily invest in pilot training and only hire pilots with many hours of relevant flight experience.

6. “Private charter services grind to a halt during bad weather.”

The reason why the assertion is a myth is that the opposite is true. Bad weather often leads to the shutdown of public airports, halting commercial flights. Commercial aircraft also get affected by turbulent weather, and with the safety of large numbers of passengers on the line, the airlines are forced to halt operations until weather conditions improve. On the other hand, private jets fly above commercial airlines and weather, which is why they do not incur the same level of turbulence. Additionally, private jets generally operate from private airports, which do not have to shut operations during bad weather for there are only a limited number of private flights to manage.

7. “Air charter companies demand huge membership fee.”

Though becoming a member of an air charter company attracts comes with a high price tag, it is justified by the perks you are entitled to, such as exclusive deals, priority flight accommodation, and frequent flying rewards.

Wrapping Up

Do not let these myths keep you from flying private. Contact a reputable private jet service to plan your travel and enjoy a world class flying experience. Leviate Air is a trusted Texas-based private jet charter service provider specializing in aircraft charter, sales, and acquisitions. We also give frequently fliers access to jet card services that allow you to easily avail air charter service and enjoy a range of other benefits. To know more about our private jet charter services, fill out our contact form or simply dial (877) 720-2770.