New Senior Flight Control Specialist – Casey Barr

Leviate Air Group Continues to Grow

Leviate Air Group expands its operations team with the addition of Casey Barr as Senior Flight Control Specialist. Based in Dallas, Casey will work within the Operations Division to ensure logistical certainty and excellence as he manages day-to-day operations.

Casey Barr – Senior Flight Control Specialist

Casey Barr brings 34 years of expertise in business aviation to Leviate, holding multiple roles with FBOs and charter groups throughout his career, including:

  • Line Service & Customer Service Manager
  • Aircraft Owner Services Manager
  • Manager of Charter Sales
  • Manager of Industry Relations
  • Director of Charter Sales and Scheduling

Casey has his private pilot certificate and completed the Aviation Program at Mountain View Community College. He is a North Texas Business Aviation Association member and the Love Field Pilots Association. In his downtime, Casey enjoys hunting, biking, and spending time with his family and two bull terriers.

In his own words, Casey says, “I look forward to helping build the team, the aircraft fleet, and overall business. I’m grateful to the entire Levite team for facilitating my welcome with the same enthusiasm as I have.”

Driving a Culture of Excellence

In addition, Leviate Air Group’s dedication to excellence is the main driving force behind its success. This involves consistently delivering high-quality services, meeting or exceeding customer expectations, and maintaining efficient operations. Our team is crucial to building the high standards on which the company thrives.

Consequently, this is why Leviate has prioritized bringing in excellent individuals like Casey Barr, Senior Flight Control Specialist. Excellence attracts and retains customers, builds a positive reputation, and helps establish leadership within the industry. Leviate also fosters a culture of accountability and continuous improvement, which leads to better employee and customer engagement.

In conclusion, the Leviate leadership team is confident that Casey Barr’s addition will lead to a brighter future for Leviate.