Choosing the Right Private Aircraft Management Service

Your plane represents one of your most significant investments. Choose the right private aircraft management so that your plane stays in tip-top condition without you or your staff needing to worry about it. You also need to determine if you’d like to recoup some of the cost of owning a plane by offering it for charter. The management service you choose can help with this. Regardless of your special considerations, you should rank each private aircraft management service by the same essentials.

Safety: Safety tops the list since you and your passengers’ safety in the air starts with the safety protocols of the aircraft management services on the ground. Ask about the firm’s accident and incident history and its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) violation history. Inquire about their Safety Management System (SMS), and meet their safety officer.

Costs: The monthly charges for managing a private plane are pretty standard throughout the industry. The differences occur at points of pilot salary, training costs, fuel, start-up fees, landing fees and flight time charges. Ask for a fee schedule in writing.

Chartering: You can reduce the costs of owning a jet by about 80% by chartering it when you do not need it in service for yourself. Ask the aircraft management services for an estimate of how much service time they think you’ll earn through them. You can achieve about 400 hours per year with the right service.

Pilots: While you may fly your plane on your own trips, you need to investigate the people who will pilot it during other times. Inquire about their HR services and training.

Maintenance and mechanics: Learn the details of their in-house maintenance department. It should have a reputation for high-quality work, efficiency and safety.

Reporting: The private aircraft management services’ monthly reports should break down your monthly costs and do so with all transparency.

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