Empty Leg Flights: Superlative Luxury at a Pocket-friendly Cost

Private jet charter services always present a convenient and luxurious way of travelling. The cost considerations while hiring these specialized services, however, fluctuate according to the availability of flights. Many a time, the provider may offer what they refer as “empty legs”, when there are no advance bookings. The seats available under this provision are highly subsidized, offering a pocket-friendly solution for travelers to experience private flying. Through this blog we’ll take a closer look at the proposition and how to opt for the option.

Why Book Empty Leg Flights?

Hiring a jet charter helps you save time that is a far greater advantage than saving a few dollars; especially if you’re going to negotiate a business deal and can’t afford to be late. What if we say you can reap all the advantages of flying private at highly marginalized rates? It is not rare for fliers to report as much as 75 percent lesser prices than regular rates. In fact, you may even get a deal that is more attractive than flying on a discounted commercial flight ticket. Moreover, you need to turn-up at the takeoff site just 15 minutes before the schedule, which means lesser hassles for you.

In addition, it is worth mentioning here that the rate at which the provider offers these services will depend on their flexibility. Some providers may prefer flying vacant flights rather than offering discounts.

How to Find these Deals?

Some ways in which you can find empty leg flights are:

  • Most providers keep updating information concerning the status of their flights at regular intervals. These updates include offering empty legs to fliers. You can log into the website of a trusted operator to keep yourself updated.
  • You can also try getting in touch with a local air charter broker or your local air charter operator to enquire them about empty leg seats. These providers understand different travel requirements of their customers and can advise you on the best package available.

NOTE:  Buying empty legs is an advisable option only if you have a flexible schedule, as most often these offers are last minute announcements.

Wish to Book an Empty Leg Flight?

Leviate Air, apart from specializing in operating regular private charter flights, also offer empty leg flights as and when available. To book a flight or to learn more about the offers we provide, simply call (877) 720-2770.