Price: $1,075,000

Serial Number 47



7 Individual Cabin Seats + 1 Belted Lav (Certified for Takeoff & Landing)
2 New Pilot Seats, One New Passenger Seat, and Other 6 in Excellent/Good Condition.

Overall cabin length:
17ft 1 in (5.21 m)
Cabin height:
5 ft 6 in (1.67 m)
Cabin width:
4 ft 11 in (1.49m)


Maximum range (4 pax / 2 crew):
2,780 nm / 5,143km
Service Ceiling:
45,000 ft – 13.5 km
High-speed cruise:
Max Speed: 460 kts
Typical flight:
Dallas, Texas – Seattle, Washington


Forward Two Place Club across Left-Hand Galley and single Aft-Facing Seat.
Aft Four Place Club
LH Galley w/ Removable Galley Annex (Not Installed)
Galley Equipped w/ Microwave Oven, Large Countertop, Coffee Hot Pots & Storage
Fwd Closet w/ Storage behind Co-pilot Seat
CD & VCP, and Universal CD-2000 Cabin Display w/ RH Fwd Storable Monitor
Aft Fully Enclosed Externally Serviceable Lav w/ Full Vanity & Storage Closet

Baggage Capacity

External Baggage Capacity: 42 ft³
Internal Baggage Capacity: 9 ft³

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