Leviate Air Acquires Starbase Jet

Leviate gains full ownership, including air carrier certificate

Dallas, TX (July 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/) – Leviate Air is proud to announce the acquisition of World Class Jet dba Starbase Jet, including the air carrier certificate to be rebranded Leviate Jet Management. This provides the company tremendous forward momentum in offering the highest quality service and aviation management to its clientele. The acquisition allows Leviate to not only assist clients with aircraft sales and jet charter services, but also FAA licensed aircraft operation, all under one roof.

Leviate can now immediately offer these services, and utilizing the company’s previously developed network, are in a prime position to begin helping jet owners generate more revenue through charter activity. The Part 135 air carrier certificate, which is ARGUS Platinum rated and has worldwide operating authority, is a valuable addition to its strong portfolio of offerings.

This acquisition also makes Leviate Air one of the largest air charter organizations throughout the south central United States. They are now also one of the only companies in the country fully dedicated to all three major sales functions within the private aviation industry: Aircraft Management, Charter Brokerage, and Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions.

According to Leviate Air CEO Luis Barros, “In a time when people feel like they only have two choices, to either stick with the classic charter models that have been around for some time or buy into the trendy memberships programs that have been popular lately, it’s important to us to really forge ahead with an alternative that combines the best of both worlds. We’ve advanced the technology and approach of the classic models along with bringing more of a practical and aviation-based offering to the membership app crowd,” Mr. Barros added.

Leviate will be managing coast-to-coast assets, while retaining operations in Houston, TX and adding to their headquarters in Dallas. For more information, call Horizon Air Group at 1 (877) 407-8507 or visit the website.

About Leviate Air

Established on a solid foundation of experience and success, Leviate Air capitalizes on the operational expertise of the three main components of business aviation: Air CharterAircraft Sales, and Aircraft Management. Leviate brings together some of the best leaders within the aviation industry to deliver top-level customer service and support to discerning businesses and private clients. They also offer an array of other services, including maintenance and aviation consulting services. To learn more about Horizon Air Charter, call 1-877-407-8507 or visit Leviate’s website at www.leviateair.com.