Leviate AIr Moves into its State-of-the-art Office in Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas, February 12, 2016/– Leviate Air
, as part of the company’s plans to extend its global reach, has recently moved into a newly-built office in Dallas, TX. The new office, which will offer the much needed space to accommodate the company’s rapidly growing staff, will also allow the organization ample room to enhance its flight tracking and coordinating infrastructure. The facility is equipped with comprehensive amenities that offer a conducive and positive work environment.

The state-of-the-art office will serve as the template for Leviate Air’s future offices in select markets, and a base to expand the company’s monthly ‘Flight Equity’ jet card – flyNEXT – and Corporate Cashback program – flyCORP.  When asked about the recreational activities for the staff, Rob Rosenberg, managing partner of the company, said, “One too many high tempered foosball tournaments during lunch and we’re putting a lock on the Red Bull fridge!”

Mr.Rob Rosenberg began his aviation career after investing several years in his family business, where he developed his sales and management skills. With his newly established partnership with Leviate Air, he is set to establish a new framework for the private charter company.

In a joint statement released after the inauguration, Mr. Rosenberg and CEO Luis Barros said, “Our modern office is a perfect amalgamation of vintage and modern, old and new, and a perfect representation of the ever-evolving environment that is air charter and air charter brokerage.”

Luis Barros is a widely experienced and motivated leader with a propensity towards building and improving the private charter business. His idea behind the newly built HAC headquarters in Dallas is to have a place for prospective clients to visit, interact, and understand their services.

Leviate Air, since its inception in 2014, is known to provide premium charter brokerage services to a global clientele, and the numbers are sure to go up as the organization has now moved into a bigger, better playground. The company boasts an extensive operational experience and know-how of the aviation world, and through its new office, it looks forward to expanding its successful business model by threefold in 2016.