Leviate Air – What You Need To Know About Private Jet Charters

There is no denying that a private jet charter is more expensive than flying commercial. However, just because a service costs more, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth spending the extra money. Like momma always said, “You get what you pay for.” While flying first class on a commercial liner will get you to your destination, it cannot guarantee the convenience or luxury of a chartered private jet. Let’s take a look at some of the perks and what you need to know when you hire a private jet.

You Purchase the Entire Aircraft

Whether you hire or rent a private jet, it’s important to know that you charter the whole aircraft. While there are many factors involved, make no mistake your final price is for the entire aircraft for the entire specified time period. Regardless of the number of passengers, the price does not change. Even when airports typically charge taxes based on the number of passengers, the overall total will not change much whether the aircraft is full or has just a few seats filled. The aircraft is entirely yours for the contracted flight and time period.

Luxurious Service

No doubt, private plane flights are the epitome of luxury. As mentioned before, when you charter a private jet, you get the entire plane, including a number of lavish amenities. You fly in style on a plane appointed with upgraded features such as leather seats, spacious interiors, and elegant tableware. You schedule catering for your favorite foods and drinks on-board, and can even make special requests. Even in-flight entertainment is expected to wow. In addition, you are able to bring your favorite furry friend. Just inquire about the latest pet travel regulations. Another luxury service often provides by the charter company is ground transportation on both ends of the flight. Overall, the aircraft provides luxurious accommodation and the crew provides excellent service to each passenger.


It’s no surprise that, private jet charter provides unmatched convenience over a commercial flight. You schedule a private plane flight on your timetable, not the airline’s schedule. Depending on aircraft and pilot availability, you can schedule flights with very short notice. You schedule the flight at an airport that is convenient to you because charters are not limited by the same airports as large airlines. Getting through security is also much easier than a commercial flight because airports have special terminals for private aircraft charters. There is no risk that the flight will take off without you and no waiting on other passengers to board the aircraft before departure. While flying time varies depending on the type of aircraft, you save tremendous amounts of time hiring a private jet. Faster check-in and security times and no delays from other passengers provide the convenience of taking off on your schedule.


Private charters are very safe. Every plane receives a thorough inspection before every flight, and pilots receive extensive training in aircraft procedures to ensure that your flight arrives safely. Charter companies specialize in maintaining their aircrafts so well in order to clearly pass inspections. Their goal is to stay above safety standards and provide service without interruption.


The cost of a private jet charter varies depending on a number of factors. Charter rates factor in items such as aircraft hourly rates, flight time, empty leg costs, and airport fees. The destination, route, and flying time also affect the charter rate. Be sure to inquire about extra taxes or passenger fees when you request a quote.

Choose Private Jet Charters

Choosing private jet charters is a big decision. Knowing the factors involved with costs, and what you get for the money you pay, makes the choice easier. Whether you are flying across the United States for a professional conference or flying to Europe for a special anniversary, a private jet charter can get you there safely with style and convenience. Check out Leviate Air and book your flight today!