There Are Heroes Among Us

Leviate Air Group’s own Michael Barber recently attended the NBAA Regional Event in White Plains, New York. After the event, he boarded an American Airlines flight to Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina. About 40 minutes from his destination, a fellow passenger suffered a medical emergency. 

The passenger was initially found slumped over the side of his seat. Michael, who is a trained Medic/Firefighter, was sitting in the emergency exit row behind the passenger, and he immediately jumped into action. While assessing the passenger’s condition, Michael requested the MedAire kit from the flight attendants.

The World is Fortunate to have Michael Barber …

Symptoms pointed to the passenger having a cardiac episode. The flight attendants relayed the passenger’s vitals and assessment information to the Captain who immediately reported the patient’s condition to MedAire’s on-call medical control team.

The team gave permission for Advanced Support Level Care. Michael Barber led this care and was supported by an ENT Physician and two bystanders. The Captain also requested an emergency landing. However, the Captain determined the best course of action was to continue on to CLT since Michael was able to stabilize the patient in flight. An EMS crew met the aircraft at the gate upon arrival at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Leviate Air Group

is proud to have

Michael Barber on our team.

His dedication to helping others is inspirational.

If you have a medical condition and have concerns about flying, please consult your physician before traveling.
For MedAire information please visit their website:

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