Planning to Purchase a Private Jet ? Read this First

If you are looking for jet planes for sale, look to Leviate  Air Charter for assistance. We are experts not just   in private charter flights, but also in finding luxury private jets for sale. If you know what you would like to pur chase, we can help you find it. But if you need recom mendations on aircraft for sale, we can help with that too. Horizon has first-hand knowledge of different aircraft; so let us help you find the right aircraft.

Buying a Luxury Private jet

The first step in your purchase is to discuss your needs. We like to know about the type of trips you usually make and how many passengers you usually fly. We also ask about your plan for the purchase and for the operating costs of the aircraft. By listening closely, we help you find a jet plane for sale that fits your requirements.

Once we understand your desires in a private jet, we move to find the aircraft suits you. Our thorough research provides intelligence on aircraft available for sale and current market rates. We examine both on-market and off-market prospects to find you the best opportunity. We consider all aspects of the aircraft such as performance, flying time and operating cost. Our expert staff helps you prepare detailed and accurate annual costs for each type of aircraft that you consider. Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, so we put a lot of time into researching the right aircraft for you.

After the research process, it is time to select an aircraft for sale. We present you with the top choices only so we do not waste your time on aircraft that do not meet your needs. Once you choose the aircraft, we move to complete the paperwork for the purchase. Our diligent staff seeks to coordinate inspections, audits and other legal requirements effortlessly. With a multi-million dollar deal, we work hard to ensure that there are no surprises on closing day. From the first document to the last, we see to protect your interests through every step of the process. On closing day, the aircraft is finally yours.

Leviate goes beyond the sky by providing first-class service when you are looking for luxury private jets for sale. Let us tailor the experience for your budget and mission. Our commitment to high standards, honesty and complete transparency means that you can trust us with a multi-million dollar transaction. Leviate Air  seeks your complete satisfaction with every encounter. Contact us today to see how we can help you find a jet plane for sale.

If you need help with other services, such as selling your aircraft, we can help with that too. We have specialized experience in nearly every field within the aviation industry from quick charters to aviation management. So we are excellent aviation consultants for your mission. Trust Leviate Air to be your advocate for any aviation need. Check out our website at to see how we can help you find aircraft for sale.