Rio de Janeiro by Charter Flight: Where People Party Hard & Samba Harder

The Land of Cariocas, where the iconic ‘Christ the Redeemer’ stands tall, is one of the most exuberant tourist destinations in the world. Yes, we are talking about Rio de Janeiro: the city characterized by a thumping nightlife, scenic mountainous vistas, and pearl-white sand beaches. The city of Rio graciously welcomes thousands of travellers each year and was the venue for the Summer Olympics of 2016. You can enjoy the serenading lifestyle of the great city by booking a private jet charter flight. In this blog post, we provide a sneak peak into the much fabled-city of Rio de Janeiro and check out what makes it so special. Let’s go.

Rio’s History at a glance

The second largest city in Brazil, Portuguese travellers first saw Rio when their ships landed on the Guanabara Bay in January, 1502. The city got the name Rio de Janeiro or “River of January” because the Bay serves as a river opening. The area witnessed several years of armed struggle between various invaders, owing to its abundant resources such as sugarcane, diamonds, and gold. Brazil gained independence from Portuguese rule in 1889, and Rio was named as the capital city.

Perfect Time to visit Rio

Quintessentially, Rio is an all year-round party destination, however, the party fervour reaches its peak during the summer months of December to March. Enjoying high-voltage samba dance and sipping beer at balneario beaches is a common, yet exciting activity during this time. The local people, fondly known as Cariocas, take great pleasure in celebrating Rio’s culture, especially during Christmas and New Year. Months before the Carnival, they take up weekly ensaios (rehearsal events) in samba schools, and wait excitedly for February to arrive. Rising summer temperatures never seem to dampen their spirits, as they remain focused on seizing an opportunity to explore Rio’s beaches and rainforests.

What spectacles await in Rio?

Without doubt, the most iconic landmark in Rio is the daunting stone effigy of Christ the Redeemer. Standing tall atop the Corcovado Peak, which alone is approximately 2,330-feet high, the statue welcomes every arriving tourist with open arms, literally! Apart from this modern day marvel, Rio offers several other panoramic vistas such as the Sugarloaf Mountain (monolith out of the Guanabara Bay, made of quartz and granite), Tijuca National Park, the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, and the Maracanã Stadium. February is the month to be in Rio, when the air is filled with invigorating Carnival music and the streets become an open-air samba dance arena!

Bon Voyage

Visiting Rio de Janeiro is invigorating, and also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is the city where Samba is more than just a dance, but a way of life! Featuring exquisite beaches, rich cultural diversity, and foot-tapping samba parties, Rio has something to offer to everyone. You can easily visit this South American paradise by way of private jet charter flights. Book a charter plane today and get ready for a weekend of frolic mirth and unlimited fun. Leviate Air specializes in aircraft sales and acquisitions, and can also help you book a private jet to suit your travel plans. Fill out our contact form to hire a private jet or get more information. You can also call us at (877) 720-2770.