Save on Private Jet Charter Rates: Here’s How

Hiring a private jet charter is one of the most convenient ways to travel, which is why there’s no dearth of takers for these services today. Let’s face it – jet charter rates are much steeper compared to the ticket prices of commercial flights. However, this does not mean that you have to shell out a fortune every time you decide to hire a private jet. There are many ways in which you can save on your next trip, and experience the unmatched comfort and convenience of private flights without breaking the bank.  Take a look.

Frequent Flyer Programs

When it comes to saving big on private jet hire costs, opting for FlyCORP and FlyNEXT programs by Leviate certainly helps. The FlyCORP program is a tailor-made arrangement for corporate fliers that offers cash backs on frequent bookings. FlyNEXT is a pay-as-you go program and fliers opting for this arrangement don’t need to pay high aircraft positioning fees (upto as much as $100,000). The program allows users to accrue points that they can redeem when flying to realize cost benefits.

Choose the Right Aircraft

The choice of aircraft has a significant impact on the money that you pay when hiring a private jet charter. Going for a light/mid-sized jets can help you save precious dollars as the aircraft are more fuel-efficient than their larger, more bulkier counterparts, however, some of the smaller jets may need refuelling mid-way, which can add to the final cost. For best results, it is advisable that you request private jet charter quotes from different providers, and if necessary, consult their representatives before taking a final call.

Look for Empty Leg Flights

Private jet charter pilots return back to their home bases or fly to some other location where they have a booking after a hiring. Afterall they just can’t  stay grounded waiting for passengers to finish their mission for the return trip. Such scenarios are bad news for service providers as they stand to lose money and business. To avoid such circumstances, many private jet charter companies sell vacant seats at highly subsidized rates referring to them as ‘Empty Legs’. By buying these seats, you realize all the benefits of flying a private charter at prices that are at times cheaper than the cost of a discount commercial flight ticket. Private jet charter companies announce such deals at the last minute, therefore, you’ll need to keep a track of their websites to make sure that you don’t lose on such opportunities.

Go with a Local Charter Company

Regional service providers generally cover small regions but also promise better discounts to travelers. Most providers charge a fee to subscribers in return for unlimited flights to locations that they cover. The cost of flying usually reduces with every flight you take, which can help you save precious dollars in the long run. These are usually ‘no-frills flights’ and may not guarantee timely landing, gourmet meals, and other perks that a typical private charter service provider offers. It is therefore, important that you enquire on everything beforehand and take a final decision after evaluating your requirements.

Fly in Style with Leviate

There is a popular notion among the masses that flying charter is a luxury reserved for the ultra-rich, which is not true. Ordinary fliers too can avail premium services if they consider the above guidelines and act on them to save costs when hiring a private jet charter, without compromising on quality. Hope this read helps. To learn more on how you can save on private jet hire costs, give Leviate Air a call at (877) 720-2770