4 Destinations for Scuba Diving that’ll Leave You Craving for More

Oceans, with vast expanses of unexplored waters, exquisite marine life, and dynamic ecosystems, are full of wonders. Be it seeing the tiniest planktons or touching the great coral reefs, diving into the blue waters can be a life-changing experience. Nature and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world indulge in deep sea scuba diving to witness the grandeur of the marine world. If you too have been planning to experience scuba diving, we present five of the most popular destinations for scuba diving that you can access through our private jet charter services. Take a look.

1. Palau

Palau is an archipelago of more than 500 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. This quaint island country boasts of a unique chain of rock islands and a handful of bio-diverse, yet unspoiled diving destinations in the world. The waters surrounding the island are home to more than 1,500 species of fish, and offer near-perfect visibility of the underwater landscape. You can easily view the sunken remains of WWII vessels, aircrafts, exquisite coral reefs, drop-offs, deep gorges, and caverns, while interacting with swarms of non-stinging jellyfish and other large pelagics.

2. Belize

Belize is one of the top-most scuba diving destinations in the world today, thanks to its stunning Caribbean Sea shorelines that host the massive Belize Barrier Reef. The shorelines culminate into turquoise waters that incorporate an abundance of marine life that will surely leave you awestruck. Belize is home to The Blue Hole, an infamous World Heritage Site that offers an incredible view of reef sharks, stalactites, stalagmites that have withstood the test of time for millions of years. You can also view large schools of barracuda, jack and Loggerhead sea turtles at Glover’s Atoll .

3. Australia

The largest island country is home to some of the most stunning marine life in the world. First up, the country’s shoreline is formed by the Great Barrier Reef that is probably the largest natural wonder in the world today. You can easily go for scuba diving and explore the shoals of corals and fishes that populate the waters. At Yongala, you can easily witness the spectacle of Nudibranchs, eels, woebegone, flatworms, white tipped sharks, lion, octopuses, scorpion fish, and stargazers. Other popular scuba diving destinations include Port Douglas, Whitsunday Islands, Townsville, Ningaloo Reef, and Exmouth.

4. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador have caught the fancies of eminent personalities including Charles Darwin and have left millions in awe of its stunning marine life. The islands are a protected marine reserve, because of their sensational arrays of rare marine species including penguins, turtles, marine iguanas, whale sharks, sea lions, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, and stingrays. Popular diving sites such as Darwin Island and Cabo Marshall are flocked year-round with tourists that satiate their thirst of adventure with a deep dive into the waters.

Bon Voyage!

Diving into deep blue water not only allows us to witness the grandeur of marine life, but also liberates our souls with a refreshing and untarnished peaceful and quiet world. To reach the destinations we have listed and explore other parts of the world, you can easily charter a private aircraft through a reputable private jet charter services provider such as Leviate Air. We are a one-stop destination to book private jet charter flights, avail jet card services, and get specialized consultation on aircraft sales and acquisitions. To get more information about our air charter services, fill out our contact form or call us at (877) 720-2770.