Rent a Private Jet to Cyprus: The Island of Aphrodite

The island of Cyprus has the unique distinction of being the meeting point of three continents, which is also the birthplace of the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. The beauty of the island, with its magnificent beaches, turquoise blue seas, and delectable cuisines, has lured generations of tourists for thousands of years. Cyprus is also a great treat for history and culture lovers, with its Lusignan and Venetian castles inspired by Levantine culture. Private jet rentals give you easy and unfettered access to the island of Cyprus. Rent a private jet at Horizon Air Group and fly away on an unforgettable tour of the Mediterranean paradise. Let us take a closer look at the various offerings that make this island country a must-visit. Take a look.


Cyprus became part of the East Roman or the Byzantine empire, with the division of the Roman Empire in 395 BC. Under the Byzantine empire, the country imbibed a strong Hellenistic-Christian character. Throughout history, thereafter, Cyprus saw multiple invasions on its territories by Persians, Mycenaean Greeks, the Ottoman empire, the Crusaders, and British colonisers. As a result, its culture is an amalgamation of various beliefs and ethnicities, a fact evident in its people and architecture. Today, Cyprus has slowly carved out a place for itself on the European landscape by leveraging the thriving tourism and wine industries.


Largely influenced by the Greek-Cypriot style of comfort foods, the local cuisine is simple, mindblowing, and unique. For example, Cyprus has its very own version of stuffed vine leaves or the Cypriot Koupepia, which contains minced meat along with spiced rice. Among the popular foods on offer, there are Greek essentials such as moussaka, stifado, souvlakia, kléftiko, sheftalia, goubes, keftedes, godopoulo, tzatziki, humus, and taramasalata. You can also enjoy Cypriot specialities that are so tasty, you have to sample them to become a true believer. One such speciality is the halloumi or goat-milk cheese soaked in brine.


The people of Cyprus celebrate festivals and indulge in merry making all year round. The country is essentially a mix of two dominant cultures – Greek and Christian – which gave rise to festival celebrations for the major part of the year. Easter is celebrated with the same zeal and vigor as the Flood festival or Kataklysmos. The Cypriots celebrate festivals according to the Greek Orthodox calendar. As a result, people here celebrate the festival of Epiphany, which celebrates the baptism of Christ, and Green Monday that marks the beginning of Lent, in the similar way as the Greeks do.

Outdoor Activities

Along with neighboring nations Greece and Turkey, the male population in Cyprus is passionate about football.  Not only this, people here are extremely fond of adventure sports such as paragliding, rock climbing, wind sailing, scuba diving, and skiing. Tourists coming during summer months, and often indulge in parachuting, wingsuiting, and gliding. They also take part in rock climbing at popular centers such as Eagle Rock, Chassamboulia rock, and Cave Greko. Hiking is a preferred outdoor activity along the mountainous trails of the Troodos Mountains.

Bon Voyage

Popularly known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus is also the birthplace of several other celebrities such as George Michael, Marcos Baghdatis, Helen Black, and the Chapman brothers. It is the land of pristine beaches, exotic Greek-inspired cuisines, and magnificent wine. You can also bask in the glory of the mesmerizing island country by hiring a private jet and flying out in the first hour of the day. Private jet charter services all over the US, including Dallas and Austin, can help you hire a private jet for a convenient flight to Cyprus and other European tourist destinations. Horizon Air Group specializes in aircraft sales and acquisitions, and also provides the best private jet charter services to suit your travel plans. To book private charter flights or get more information on our services, fill out our contact form. You can also call us at (877) 720-2770.