4 Top Travel Destinations with Costs to Charter a Jet

You have worked hard for months and now it’s time to reward yourself with some fun moments with friends and family. How about flying to an exciting destination to let your hair down and replenish your reservoirs? You can make your vacation all the more exciting by hiring a charter plane and experience exceptional luxury and convenience, no matter the destination. To help with planning, in this blog post, we list four top travel destinations along with the respective cost to charter a jet. Take a look.

1. Los Angeles

Popularly known as the City of Angels, the city is home to some of the most famous celebrities. If you are a fan of Hollywood movies and their stars, LA is the place to be. On lucky days, you may spot more than a few Hollywood stars in the city. While the city’s Hollywood reflections are one of the things that will make you gape in awe, the diverse shopping options, ranging from quirky independent stores to high end designers, give you another reason to visit LA.

Here are the costs to charter a jet to Los Angeles from major locations:

Houston to Los Angeles – $13,500
Chicago to Los Angeles – $ 14,500
John F Kennedy to Los Angeles – $17,500

2. New York

There are few cities in the world as diverse as New York. Whether we talk about its cosmopolitan culture, or the city being the global hub of fashion, finance, media and entertainment, there is diversity in everything NY. The city also has many major tourist attractions, such as Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, and the famous-infamous “Wall Street”.

If you charter a jet to New York, here are a few approximations of the cost:

Chicago to New York – $7500
Dallas to New York – $12,500
Los Angeles to New York – $17,500

3. Dallas

Be it the sixth-floor museum at Dealey Plaza from where the presumed shooter shot John F Kennedy, the Reunion Tower with the much talked revolving restaurant, or the Dallas World Aquarium that houses approximately 85000 gallons of seawater, Dallas gives you more than a few reasons to choose it as your next getaway destination. You can also go bird watching in the south campus of UT Southwestern, popularly known as the Jurassic Park of Dallas.

Want to know how much it would cost you to charter a plane to Dallas? Here it goes:

Miami to Dallas – $9500
Los Angeles to Dallas – $12,500
New York to Dallas – $13,500

4. Miami

Also known as the “Capital of Latin America’, Miami is the place to be if you are looking to spend lazy afternoons relaxing on sun-kissed beaches and experience a vibrant nightlife. The city has a number of attractions, such as Miami Seaquarium, Home of Lolita the Killer, Coral Gables, Everglades, Liberty City and many others. In addition, Miami is a paradise for shopaholics, as the city is home to several malls, marketplaces and boutiques of acclaimed brands and designers.

As far as the cost to hire a jet to Miami is concerned, here are the figures based on origination locations:

New York to Miami – $8500
Houston to Miami – $9500
Los Angeles to Miami – $18,500

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