The Perks of Owning a Former Charter Plane

Don’t skim over charter planes when looking at luxury private jets for sale. The thriving charter plane market translates into well cared for, economically priced pre-owned planes for sale. When you’re purchasing an aircraft for sale at Dallas, TX., charter planes often have more perks and a lower price tag than similar aircraft that have been privately owned since they were manufactured. Here’s why you should look at pre-owned charter planes first.

You know it was well cared for

A charter plane never leaves the ground without a full safety inspection. You know which parts were serviced, and you know of any hiccups in the plane’s health. This lets you verify at a glance that the plane has gotten the maintenance that it needs.

When you’re browsing luxury private jets for sale, it can be hard to tell how much time they’ve spent in the air. Some people purchase a jet and end up using it less than they project they will; it sits in the shed, and while it gets fewer miles on it that isn’t the only standard of a plane’s condition. Sitting idle doesn’t do a plane any favors. Many charter planes are retired from their professional duties only weeks before they are sold.

The upgrades don’t cost extra second-hand

Charter planes aren’t made cheaply. These planes have to dazzle guests of all stripes, and typically come with more than a few bells and whistles. When an aircraft for sale at Dallas, TX., goes on the market they’re hit by the usual drop-off in value. Planes are like cars: once they roll off the lot there’s a significant drop in their value. This is actually good news for you. Upgrades that cost a lot added to a new plane don’t bump up the resale value very much. You can get a plane with plenty of extra features without the extra cost.

Depreciation works in your favor

While it’s true that extra mileage can lead to extra depreciation on charter planes, how much that affects you as the second buyer is a matter of opinion. It depends on what you value most about the aircraft. If you’re the type who’s constantly looking at luxury jets for sale and wants to be able to resell it for almost all its current value next year, then yes: the extra depreciation might hurt your resale value. If you intend to get as much use from a private jet as you can, on the other hand, a lower purchase price could more than make up for the difference in wear and tear on the plane.

There’s a lot of aircrafts for sale at Dallas, TX., and the market favor the buyers. While you’re browsing luxury jets for sale don’t skip ones that may have seen life as a charter plane. Pre-owned aircrafts can still be luxurious and convenient. By purchasing a charter plane you can get a great plane for a great price, without sacrificing any of the comforts.