What Does a Private Jet Charter Rate Include?

The title of this article translates, roughly, to “Why is this flight so expensive?” The private jet charter cost of a flight is higher than a commercial flight, and the explanation is that you get what you pay for. When you break down a private jet’s rate into services rendered you can see where your money’s going—and that a good charter company offers plenty of service for the cash you put down. In the end, private jet charter flights are a matter of investment, not expense.

Transportation on the Ground

Many air charter companies offer some ground transportation. This convenience is built into the purchase price of the flight when offered. You don’t have to order an Uber or grab a cab—an expense that you would pay directly if it wasn’t included.

Prompt, flexible booking

The vast majority of the price of a charter flight is spent on convenience. The ability to quickly and easily book a direct flight (barring refueling stops if necessary) is a luxury that justifies expense. You don’t have to worry that the plane will leave without you if you get stuck in traffic. By the same token, once you’ve arrived you don’t have to wait for other passengers to settle in. Prompt take-offs give you more time to conduct your business or enjoy your vacation.

Salary for the crew and maintenance staff

A high quality pilot and excellent crew are essential for every flight. Prompt, efficient service is part of the luxurious experience of charter flying. Excellent pilots maintain safety standards so your flight is smooth and punctual. Uncompromised customer experience is the goal of the cabin crew.

Every plane a charter company owns has to be inspected before each and every flight. Part of the private jet charter cost goes to making sure every inspection comes back above safety standards and with no hiccups. Safety standards remain a top priority at every level.

The expense of luxury accommodations

These flights aren’t your typical experience. Private jet charter flights offer a variety of consumables. While you may have to call ahead to schedule the specifics of your meal, it should prove beyond your expectations. Drinks and in-flight entertainment aren’t extras on private jet charter flights.

Consumables aren’t the only perks. Private charter flights often have upgraded features in accommodations as well. Soft leather seating, beautiful inlaid wood interiors, and soft carpets are just the beginning. The cost of the plane itself factors into the price

in the same way it costs more to rent a limousine or Rolls Royce than your standard four door sedan.

When broken down into its parts, the cost of a private charter flight is amply justified. Convenience, safety, and comfort band together to make private charters not just a reasonable choice but the most appealing option for air travel. Don’t be afraid to keep your standards high while booking; a good company ensures your experience more than returns on your investment.