Three Key Traits of the Best Aviation Consulting Firms

Charter flights are a mix of business necessity and personal bliss. It isn’t the kind of industry that a company can get into without meeting basic requirements. A poor safety record isn’t going to fly (no pun intended) in the aviation world. Aircraft consulting firms who can’t meet the basics of customer service also fail rapidly. If you’re looking for traits that elevate the cream of the crop from the merely adequate, look no further than these three.

Hands on experience

Aviation consulting firms are often built on the backs of other successful business ventures. There’s money to be made in charter flights. There’s nothing wrong with seizing an opportunity to move into a service niche. For true understanding, however, you have to move beyond that into actual, on the ground experience in the aviation world. Look for aviation consulting firms manned by leaders who’ve worked as many jobs in the aviation industry as possible. Dispatcher, charter sales, and even stewarding experience is valuable. A company manned by leaders with experience on both sides of the charter service, will know what clients need and provide the best experience.

Their names are on the line

Charter flights are a small world. By catering to a certain segment of the flying population, name recognition and branding are identical. Aviation consulting firms unwilling to put their executives’ personal reputations on the line are firms that are not confident enough in their products. Groups like these live and die by the goodwill of other businesses. It’s not enough to sell flights. Aircraft consulting firms don’t just sell use of the plane; they sell an experience. To do that effectively they have to be willing to stand by every flight. If their own reputation isn’t on the line they’re not dedicated enough.

Broad prices are easily available

To be blunt, charter services are not a budget option. They come up when other factors, from atmosphere to convenience to a difficult schedule, are more pressing than money. It’s elegant to display goods and services without a price tag, but it’s also a way to camouflage pricing tactics. It’s understandable if an aviation consulting firm doesn’t want to list a price down to the cent. There are many factors that will affect the bottom line. That said, you shouldn’t have to hire a private detective or give them a call to get a general idea of what to expect. A company should know, in general, how much it will cost to fly between common destinations. They should also not be overly bashful about money. If their services are worth it there’s no reason to be coy. Every aspect of interaction should be transparent and above board.

Aircraft consulting firms know how to hire planes and deliver you to the destination on your schedule. Safety and basic service is a must. The company’s attitude and how it seeks to go above and beyond distinguish it from others. Business relationships are tied to pride in one’s work and one’s name, and that’s the overarching feature you should look for in an aircraft consulting firm.