5 Exotic Caribbean Islands for Romantic Destination Weddings via Private Jet

Many people prefer destination wedding because of the charm and exotic appeal they add to the occasion. Destination weddings not only give you a creative freedom, but also guarantee a great time to your guests. If you are excited about having a romantic destination wedding, we have picked some exotic caribbean islands that will surely meet your expectations. All these Caribbean islands are easily accessible through private charter jets, which you can hire as per your convenience and schedule. Continuing the discussion, here are top five caribbean islands ideal for destination weddings.

Best Beaches in Caribbean for Weddings via Jet Charter

1. Bahamas

The Bahamas is an archipelago with more than 700 islands, giving you enough options to make your pick for the wedding. Among the options available, Paradise Island can help you have a perfect big-city wedding in a tropical splendor. The place is rife with flashy resorts, groomed beaches, water parks, casinos, and countless dining options. You can also consider Grand Bahama Island, if you are planning to have a big resort wedding.

2. Aruba

Aruba is a small Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. The island is a true visual delight with blond beaches covered with silky-soft sand that glows in the sun, and ever-present trade winds that offer opportunity for gentle surf. The island boasts many beach side luxurious resorts that allow you to plan as elaborate and luxurious wedding as you like.

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3. Cayman Islands

Known for its highest standard of living, the Caymans are one of the best caribbean islands for destination weddings. Popular for gourmet restaurants, trendy boutiques, yoga studios, the Cayman islands offer enough opportunities for you and your guests to indulge. Your guests will never get bored here. If you are planning a grand and fancy wedding, Grand Cayman has some great wedding planner and vendors that offer quality at par with what you can find in the States.

4. Jamaica

It is said that couples who marry in Jamaica often return to the place again and again, because of its beauty. Everything about Jamaica is charismatic, which include glowing landscape, intoxicating reggae music, gourmet restaurants, vibrant nightlife and different types of water sports. Also, many Jamaican former estates are open for intimate wedding and group outings, which make it a perfect wedding destination.

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5. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful caribbean island with a picturesque landscape including lush-green mountains, waterfalls, and the EI Yunque tropical rainforest. The island is also popular for funky beach bars, casinos, and vibrant nightlife. Its swanky resorts are large enough to have a wedding as extravagant as you desire. Since the beaches of Puerto Rico face west, they are perfect for sunset weddings. Also, the island offers enough opportunities to keep your guests engaged.

Wrapping up

No matter which Caribbean island you choose for your destination wedding, you need to be a little thoughtful of yours and your guests’ time. Booking a private jet charter not only provides you comfort, but also offer you the flexibility to travel as per your schedule. To rent or book a private jet, contact Leviate Air, a professional private aviation company that provides all the professional support you need to hire, book, buy, or manage private jets. We maintain transparency in our deals and let you know the private charter rates before you book a charter plane. If you wish to learn more about our services and private jet charter rates, fill out our contact form or simply call (877) 720-2770.