Top 5 Hiking Trails from Around the World

Has your world shrunk to your work cubicle? Have you lost your connection with the elements of nature? If yes, the time is right to break the corporate shackles and go on a hiking trip. Mother Nature has her own therapy to heal tired souls, and what could be a better way to experience that than to go on a hiking trail? If accessibility is a challenge, you can always hire a private jet through the Leviate Air. To help you make up your mind, in this post, we present five breathtaking hiking trails that are home to pristine waterfalls, colorful vegetation and varied animal species. Take a look.

5 hiking trails to recharge your senses –

1. The Rustic GR20, France

Spanning 113 miles, GR20 is considered to be the toughest long distance trail in Europe. The 15 day hiking trail is divided into two parts and traverses Corsica. To complete this trail successfully, you must be in prime physical shape and should have a practice of walking on uneven paths. The physical hardships that you endure on your way to the summit are worth it, as a number of visual treats such as imposing mountain peaks, snow covered lands, dense forests and jewel-blue streams welcome you along the way.

2. The Wild Overland Track, Australia

Overland Track is one of Australia’s most famed treks. The original length of the track is 40 miles. That said, if you, like many other hikers want to hike around Lake St Clair, you will have to walk extra 11 miles. Typically, it takes around five to six days for hikers to complete this trail. On the way to the summit, you will cross several mountains, rainforests, plains and raging rivers, all of which conspire to display the vivid colors of nature on its canvas.

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3. The Majestic Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Trekking to Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world is not everyone’s cup of tea. That said, trekkers can experience the majesticness of the mystical peak by hiking to the Everest Base Camp. Hikers still need to be in prime physical shape to scale 5,364 metres (the peak’s altitude) and must be brave and experienced enough to not let the effect of altitude sickness get better of them. During the three week trek to the Camp, you will cross a number of peaks, valleys and landscapes.

4. The Expansive Kungsleden, Sweden

Dubbed as the ‘King’s Trail’, this trail covers an area of 270 miles and becomes a ski trail during the winter. The trail is divided into four sections that include rocky patches, swampy grounds and water bodies. A large portion of the area is managed by the County Board of Norrbotten. To help hikers cross rivers safely during the summer, the authority provides boats. Along the trail, many huts welcome hikers that they can hire for a small fee to rest for the day.

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5. The Virgin Sarek National Park, Sweden

Sprawling over 760 square miles, Sarek National Park is one the oldest parks in Europe. The park has about 200 peaks, six of which are above 2,000 metres. Sarek National Park is also home to over 100 picturesque glaciers. The vivid landscape includes valleys, mountains and plateaus that are home to a variety of flora and fauna species. A couple of other attractions include the delta of the Rapa River (considered to be one of the most picturesque locations in Europe), Mount Skierfe summit and the Parte Scientific Station.

Ready to Get Lost in Nature?

These trails must rank high in your travel bucket list, if your idea of a holiday is to walk through breathtaking sceneries painted by nature. These and other gems by nature are scattered around the world. If you cannot find flights to remote locations or want to plan your trip at your convenience, Leviate Air got you covered. Our fleet of private jet charter flights include jets that can land on makeshift airstrips, thereby, helping you travel to even remote locations. If you have any questions about our fleet of private jet aircrafts or need to learn more about our services, fill out our contact form, or feel free to call at (877) 709-0667.