Wish to Relax and Sleep Onboard: Here’s What to Expect

Private jets have all the comforts that you could possibly think of when flying thousands of miles up in the air. From plush interiors to gourmet meals, to hi-tech entertainment options – there’s everything to make the passenger feel at home. The aircraft manufacturers, in the recent times, are specifically focusing on improving the sleep experience onboard, and have introduced a whole range of aircraft with more seating and sleeping space. Irrespective of design improvements, there’s a difference in the seating and sleeping options based on the type of the private jet. So, if you wish to take a nap onboard, book a private jet charter accordingly. In this blog post, we discuss the types of seats that private aircraft have to make the travel more relaxing for their clients. Read on.

Private jet travelling experience –

Light Cabin

A light cabin jet is ideal for short travel with the maximum travel time of 3 hours, which means that most of the clients may not want to sleep onboard. These aircraft still have reclining seats, and some may come with swivel and slide, armrests, adjustable headrests and other features to make the travel more comfortable. The Hawker 400XP has a squared oval cabin to offer more head and shoulder room to passengers, and custom leather seats make the travel more comfortable.

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Mid Cabin

An all-around performer, mid cabin aircraft has the comfort of a larger aircraft and agility of a smaller model. If you want extra space or the travel time is 4-5 hours, this type has more options for sleeping. The Citation XL/XS/XLS+ is one of the popular aircraft in this segment with fully-reclining and extra-wide seats. Some of its models have a two-seat divan couch.

Large Cabin

Spacious and comfortable cabin, full-size lavatory and many amenities, make large cabin aircraft a perfect choice when the travel time is more than 4-5 hours. The aircraft has a high ceiling to allow free movement around the cabin, and manufacturers also offer the customization option to make the maximum use of the cabin space. The Gulfstream G650 is a private jet service providers’ favorite for the exceptional luxury, comfort, and space it offers to the travelers. The aircraft has a divan that converts to a full-flat bed.

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Final Words

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