5 Fastest Private Jets on the Planet

Talk about superbikes, sports cars, or high-speed private jets – speed is something that thrills one and all. The fastest private jet aircraft, whether you charter them from Dallas or any other part of the world, not only take you long distances without having to stop, but also save your precious time. Their remarkable speeds, however, isn’t the only factor that matters when you are considering to charter or own a private jet. We, therefore, decided to provide brief descriptions of five of the world’s fastest private jet aircraft  to help you make your pick.

#5 Gulfstream G550

#5 Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G550 is one of the best-in-value private jets with a maximum speed of 585 mph. Having earned the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy, the private jet has a globe-trekking range of 6,750 nautical miles, which is approximately 550 nautical miles more than an average private jet. The G550, with a ceiling range of 51,000 ft, can fly above most commercial airliners, and operate out of short-field, high-altitude airports. The jet offers seats for 19 passengers with a payload capacity of 6,200 lbs.

#4 Bombardier Global 6000

4 Bombardier Global 6000

The Bombardier Global 6000 is a large-cabin, ultra long-range private jet that can cruise at a maximum speed of about 590 mph. Formerly marketed as the Global Express XRS, Global 6000 is private jet meticulously engineered for the most discerning flyers. The jet is powered by Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics and is a notable upgrade from the XRS. It can seat up to 13 passengers and boasts an improved layout and lighting, compared to the predecessor.

#3 Dassault Falcon 7X

Dassault Falcon 7X

Introduced in 2005, the Dassault Falcon 7X – a three-engined cantilever monoplane – has made a record trip from New York to London in less than 6 hours, in 2014. Capable of reaching a maximum speed of approximately 593 mph, the Dassault Falcon 7X has low-positioned, high swept wings, first unveiled at the 2005 Paris Air Show. The jet can accommodate up to 12 passengers and has a continuous flying range of 5,950 nautical miles, making it an ideal package for those who frequently travel long distances.

#2 Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream G650

If you are looking for a fast, large-cabin, long-range private jet, the search ends with Gulfstream G650. With a top speed of mach 610 mph, the 650 offers a brilliant combination of speed, style, and luxury. The Gulfstream G650 is, in fact, the biggest, fastest, and the most luxurious private jets money can buy. It offers the lowest cabin pressure at the maximum altitudes – pressurizes the cabin to a 3,000 ft even at altitudes above 41,000 ft – to ensure your heart and lungs don’t have to work extra.

#1 Cessna Citation X+

#1 Cessna Citation X+The Cessna Citation X + is the undebatable king of speed in the world of private jets. An upgrade to the Cessna Citation X – new engines and avionics – it has the capability to cruise at mach 0.935, or 717 mph. That means you can fly from Los Angeles to New York in less than four hours! The Citation X + is powered by twin Rolls-Royce-Allison AE 3007C or 3007C1 turbofan engines, can seat up to a max number of 12 passengers, and has a flying range of 3,216 nautical miles.

Ready to Fly?

If speed fascinates you, luxury enchants you and frequent flying is a need, buying or chartering any of these five private jets is a safe bet. The experts at Leviate Air can give you an in-depth analysis of all these jets and many more, to help you make the right decision, no matter whether you are looking to charter a private jet or planning to own one. For a no-obligation consultation, speak to one our experts at (877) 720-2770 or request private plane flights quote, click here.