Leviate – What is the Cost of a Private Jet Rental?

You may be wondering what does a private jet rental cost? At Leviate, we seek to be transparent about our private jet rental prices. Therefore, here is a brief overview of what to expect for private jet rental and everything that is included for the price.


Leviate goes beyond the sky. We provide the ultimate in luxury and style for your flight. Our impeccable service starts with easy booking. We schedule your flight at your convenience at the airport closest to you. We can even provide luxury ground transportation upon request.

Reduce your travel time with a private air charter. Arrive at the airport as little as 15 minutes before departure instead of hours. Walk through security quickly by using charter only terminals at the airport. You also save tremendous amounts of time after your flight by avoiding the queue at baggage claim.

On board, we provide luxurious accommodations, exquisite meals, and concierge service. Our flawless service sets us apart from the competition. For your convenience, land at your preferred location and get on with your trip.


All of our flights are pre-screened to ensure you get to your destination safely. Our aircraft must pass a 110-plus point inspection before approval to fly. In addition, our pilots and cabin crew undergo thorough screening to ensure your security on board the aircraft. We pride ourselves on being the standard of safety in the private aviation industry.


Leviate Air strives to ensure that the cost to charter a plane is transparent and without gimmicks. We provide comprehensive quotes without add-ons or extra fees. When you sign a contract with us, you know exactly how much your trip will cost.

FlyNow is our buy-as-you-fly program. You only pay for the flight that you need when you need it. This program provides the most economical cost for private air travel on domestic and international flights. It’s our simplest approach to private charters. Our experienced staff will help you get the best current rate and available aircraft.

Take a look at some of our published rates to see a private jet charter cost.

Origination Destination Cost
New York Los Angeles $17,500
Houston Los Angeles $13,500
Chicago New York $7,500
Dallas New York $12,500
Dallas Miami $9,500
New York Miami $8,500
New York United Kingdom $45,000
Los Angeles Japan $65,000
Dallas China $175,000

If you need a more economical approach to private air travel, check out our empty leg trips. We provide impeccable service at a more affordable price. We pair travelers with the empty leg portion of our charter flights and you reap the benefits. You get the same incredible service and luxury as a full-priced flight, but at a lower cost. The result is a truly memorable flying experience.

Consider Leviate Air for your next private jet charter. Check out our prices at http://www.leviateair.com/pricing/. Our service, safety, and pricing make us the unmatched experts in private aviation. Let our experienced staff help you with booking your next flight today.