Assessing the Safety Policies of a Private Jet Charter Services Company

Availing private jet charter services is the mainstay of the wealthy, company executives, and elites. Private jet charter trumps flying on commercial flights as you don’t have to spend hours waiting for security and luggage clearances. That said, you need to evaluate various factors before hiring private jet charter services. Among the parameters, safety, without an iota of doubt, is the single most important aspect that you need to look into, given the fact that you’ll be in the air for the duration of your commute. To help you evaluate the effectiveness of an operator’s safety policies, we’ve come up with a list of critical parameters you need to keep an eye on when hiring private jet charter services. We discuss the factors under two separate headings: Pilot selection and training and operational support. Read on to learn more.

1. Pilot Selection and Training

There’s no denying the fact that your jet’s pilot is the most important person in the aircraft when you’re on-board. The pilot is responsible for your safety, making it important to choose a company known to employ seasoned pilots. Always evaluate the following criteria to ensure the pilot assigned to you is a perfect fit for the job.

Evaluate the Eligibility Criteria

Make sure the pilot has at least 2,500 hours of flight experience. Of the 2,500 hours, they must have at least 500 hours and 250 hours flying multi-engine aircraft and aircraft instruments respectively. They must hold a valid Airline Transport Pilot license (ATP), the highest level of aircraft pilot certification. Additionally, make sure the pilot has a first- class medical certificate to establish their physically fitness. Last, but not the least, they must be FAA type-rated captains.

Ensure the Provider Stresses on Pilot Training

Aviation technologies change at a rapid pace, therefore, private jet charter service providers need to invest considerable time and efforts training their pilots. They must attend simulator training sessions conducted by reputable providers such as Flight Safety International at least twice a year once they’ve completed one year with the operator.

2. Operations, Infrastructure, and Support

Evaluate the following factors to ensure private jets owned by the private jet charter services provider are fit to fly, and the operator follows an effective operations plan.

Consider Aircraft Check-up and Maintenance Frequency

The private jet charter services provider must have a dedicated crew to check the exteriors and interiors of planes after every trip. At Leviate Air, we follow a 110+ point inspection process and also provide PASS reports to clients, which they can evaluate to establish if all trip-safety specific criteria are in place.

Evaluate Eligibility Criteria for Dispatchers

Your preferred private jet charter services provider must have an in-house team of dispatchers. The professionals comprising the team must hold a valid license by FAA. Although, not compulsory, having FAA-certified dispatchers certainly helps as they provide effective support to pilots by charting and executing different aspects of flight planning.

Make Sure the Dual Flight Release System is in Place

Under the dual flight release system, both, the dispatcher and the pilot must reach an agreement on the fact that the jet is ready to take-off before every trip. They must consider various factors, including weather conditions and perform weight and balance calculations before giving the green signal.

Evaluate the Provider’s Safety Record

Before signing a contract, obtain aircraft safety records maintained by the National Transportation Safety Board to learn about the provider’s performance. Review each accident/incident to evaluate their quality of service and safety standards (in terms of damage to life and material). Compare them to the flight hours to arrive at a final decision.

Final few Words

Safety must be your primary consideration when choosing private jet charter services. In addition, you must also choose a provider that designates supervising pilots for every flight and follows an effective in-flight security clearance program. To help you travel safely, Leviate Air follows a comprehensive in-house safety and aircraft maintenance program. Our inventory includes a mix of light, medium-sized, and large jets to meet your diverse needs. Call us at (877) 720-2770 or fill out the contact form and our client servicing team will get in touch with you shortly.