Advantages of Flying with a Private Jet

Private Jet Advantages

The next time you need to fly somewhere, don’t just assume that going commercial is the only option! The benefits of renting a private jet are numerous, and it can often be more affordable than you might think.

Taking a private jet charter turns the negative experiences of flying commercial and turns them into positives for your flying experience. Here are a few of the advantages of flying with a private jet:

Easier to get work done during your flight – Anyone who has flown on commercial airplanes know they are full of distractions for anyone seriously trying to get things done. From crying babies to loud passengers, it can be difficult to focus. However, a private jet allows you to create a quiet, comfortable environment. Often equipped with wi-fi, taking a flight can be as productive or even more productive than a day in the office.

No airport security lines – Everyone would be happier without the need to go through the long lines of airport security! When you fly private, you save the time and hassle, making it quicker for you to depart once you get to the airport. When you land, you can have ground transportation meet you at the plane, meaning you’ll leave more quickly too, saving time on both ends.

Work around your schedule – Flying commercial puts you at the whim of the schedules of the airlines. When you fly with a private jet company in Dallas, you set the schedule! No more red eye flights when it’s not necessary, set your own schedule to maximize efficiency and maximize your convenience. Plus, as long as there’s enough fuel, you can fly direct to save you more time. No more connecting flights with long layovers.

Avoid the traffic and crowds of long airports – If you live closer to a smaller, regional airport, you can use that for a private jet, saving you the time and hassle of driving to a larger airport, where you will run into traffic, crowds, and tough parking situations. Designed to make your life easier, flying private helps make the flying experience smoother from the minute you step out your front door.

Stretch out in comfort – The lack of leg room on commercial flights is something of a running joke by now! Even if you fly first class or upgrade your seat for more leg room, your space is still limited, and you’ll still feel as if you are jammed in like a sardine. Private flying allows for much more comfortable cabin accommodations, whether you are going to work, relax, or try to catch a little nap on the flight. Arrive to your destination relaxed and refreshed.

For your next flight, utilize Leviate Air Group to experience the convenience, luxury, and comfort of flying in a private jet. We are the experts in private aviation, and can tailor your experience to meet your needs, schedule, and expectations. Contact us today for a quote, or to simply get more information.