Horizon Air Group Rebranding as Leviate

Flying ‘Above the Horizon,’ Leviate offers greater benefits and luxury to its client base.

Dallas, TX (March 12, 2018) – Horizon Air Group has made remarkable strides during its foundational years, having acquired World Class Jet (dba Starbase Jet) last summer and now rebranding itself as LEVIATE. As the company has expanded over the years, Leviate has broken new ground to become one of the only business aviation companies with fully dedicated air charter brokerage, aircraft sales & acquisitions, & FAA air carrier divisions all under one roof.

Initially started as a boutique air charter brokerage, the company surprisingly experienced rapid growth and development into an FAA-certified air carrier. The company’s entry into aircraft operations even garnered the direct attention of $2 billion aviation giant Alaska Airlines over their abandoned use name. “To say they [Alaska/Horizon Airlines] had no influence on our rebranding decision wouldn’t be the whole truth, but we honestly also took it as a compliment that our once small company so quickly caught the eye of such a powerhouse in aviation. It has also allowed us the freedom to create a brand and mark that is uniquely our own and can symbolize all the great new offerings that are now at our disposal” says Luis Barros, Founder and CEO of Leviate. Each success for the company brings new growth and capabilities; from charter brokers, to whole aircraft brokerage to aircraft operator, all in just a few short years.

One of LEVIATE’s latest acquisitions is a new, large cabin Challenger 604 aircraft which will provide the charter company greater capability to service clients. This internationally capable addition will complement Leviate’s charter fleet, which has worldwide operating authority, making it an excellent fit for trips to Europe and Latin America.

With the company gaining the capacity to be a fully comprehensive aviation company, Horizon Air Group leadership decided a name change was essential, and LEVIATE exemplifies the underlying principles which drive the benefits it offers clients. LEVIATE is a name that captures the essence of the upward movement of a company that is on the rise. Leviate is also uniquely a worldwide FAA certificate holder that is 100 percent owned by full-time aviation professionals having no unwanted third-party influence.

A company that began with just two employees in 2015, Leviate now employs a full-time team of dedicated pilots, operations staff, sales representatives, administrators, and brokers. With anticipated growth expected in the future, Leviate is in a league with some of the more formidable aviation service providers in the country. “By the close of 2020,” Barros says, “we anticipate having 20 more aircraft under management. This will position LEVIATE as a substantial air charter operator in the U.S.”


Established on a solid foundation of experience and success, LEVIATE capitalizes on the operational expertise of the three main components of business aviation: Air Charter, Aircraft Sales, and Aircraft Management. LEVIATE brings together some of the best leaders within the aviation industry to deliver top-level customer service, safety, and support to discerning businesses and private clients. They also offer an array of other services, including maintenance and aviation consulting services. To learn more about LEVIATE, call 877-407-8507 or visit their website at www.leviateair.com.