Traveling with Pets

Unconditional Love on a Private Jet Charter

Wouldn’t all flights be better if pets were allowed onboard? With commercial airlines seemingly tightening up or changing their regulations every day, many people are turning to pet friendly private jet charters as an easy way to fly with our loyal companions right at our side.

Commercial airlines have had very public problems handling pets on flights, so it is an unfortunate reality that even if you are able to get your pet with you on a commercial flight, there is no guarantee that it will be treated well. Often, policy states that pets are treated just like luggage, and left either in the cargo area or baggage area.

These types of cargo area are fraught with dangers for pets. Since this area is just meant for luggage, there is no type of temperature control, so your pet could face extreme heat or cold during a flight. There is also likely to be luggage careening around, include your pet carrier, which could cause injury or trauma to your pet during the flight. Pets also commonly experience issues with poor ventilation, lower oxygen, or turbulence. When you think about encountering bad turbulence on a flight, you can imagine how much worse it must be for the pets down below!

Unfortunately, commercial airlines just are not set up to deal with pets like a private jet charter company. The volume of flights and luggage is too much, and it is too easy for a mix-up to happen at a commercial airport. At a private jet company, which can offer you much more personalized and attentive service.

Leviate Air Group – A Pet Friendly Private Jet Charter in Dallas TX

With a private jet charter, your pet is with you the whole way, so you know it is fed well, rested, and not facing the stress that a commercial flight can bring. There is no need to give your dog or cat anti-anxiety medicine to help them get through the flight or worry if they are doing ok in an area where you are not with them. As we know, just being in the presence of their owner is enough to help them through a flight!

For the best flight experience with your pet, consider a private jet company in Dallas like Leviate Air Group. We arrange charter flights that can accommodate your party and your pets, so you don’t have to leave them behind or worry about how they will handle a flight in the cargo area. Everything is done to ensure a smooth flight, offering you a luxurious flying experience for all humans and pets alike. Contact us to learn more about our pet friendly charter options.