Celebrating Excellence: Michael Barber, Leviate Jet Sales Top Producer of 2023

Michael Barber - Salesman of the year, 2023 Leviate Jet Sales inside a business jet smiling.

Michael Barber and Why You’ll Continue To Hear Of Him.

In the dynamic world of business aviation, success is not merely measured by closing deals but by the depth of relationships built, the breadth of knowledge demonstrated, staying ahead of industry trends, and the unwavering commitment to excellence. One individual who embodies these qualities with expertise is Michael Barber, the Leviate Jet Sales Top Producer of 2023. Let us journey through Michael’s remarkable achievements this past year and his lasting mark on Leviate Air Group and the aviation industry. 

Let’s Begin Here.

As Michael embarked on his journey with Leviate in September 2021, his tenure marked the beginning of a transformative chapter for him and the company. Armed with a decade of experience in market intelligence and business development, Michael brought a wealth of industry knowledge and strategic insight to his role. Living in Charlottesville, Virginia, Michael quickly became a pivotal player, covering the East Coast territory with poise. 

In the fall of 2021, shortly after Leviate joined the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), Michael Barber distinguished himself as one of the first two at Leviate to achieve the IADA broker certification—a milestone that underscored his commitment to professionalism and excellence. This achievement showcased Michael’s dedication to continuous learning and development and reaffirmed Leviate’s position as a trailblazer within the industry. 

Beyond his impressive sales figures, Michael’s commitment to Leviate’s growth is unparalleled. Actively engaging in onboard training for new hires, Michael serves as a beacon of inspiration and mentorship, guiding budding aircraft sales directors and Regional Vice Presidents toward excellence. His dedication to talent development underscores his belief in fostering a culture of learning and development within the organization. 

The Mile Stones

The year 2023 emerged as a pinnacle of achievement for Michael Barber, marked by a series of remarkable milestones: 

 1. Exceptional Sales Record: Michael’s sales prowess was on full display as he orchestrated the successful closure of deals for 2 M2Gen2 aircraft, known for their highest resale value on market record. His ability to navigate complex transactions with finesse is a testament to his deep understanding of market dynamics and client needs. 

 2. Global Reach: Michael’s reach transcends geographical boundaries, as evidenced by his collaboration with buyers across six continents. His ability to navigate diverse markets and cultures emphasizes his versatility and adaptability—a hallmark of his success. 

 3. Commitment to Excellence: Closing Leviate’s final transaction of 2023 at 4 PM Eastern time on December 29th, Michael exhibited his dedication to delivering results, even under tight deadlines, exemplifying his professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction. 

 4. Versatility: Michael demonstrated versatility by successfully selling aircraft of varying sizes, from light jets to super-mid cabins. Catering to Leviate’s diverse clientele, he ensures that each transaction is perfectly tailored, meeting every client’s unique needs and preferences. 

A Familiar Face in The Industry

 Outside the office, Michael Barber is a familiar face at industry and Leviate-sponsored events. Participating in crucial aviation gatherings like the Spring IADA event, NBAA-BACE, EBACE, various NBAA regional events, and polo matches along the East Coast. His proactive engagement reflects his commitment to staying abreast of industry trends while networking with fellow aviation professionals and clientele. 

In celebrating Michael Barber’s achievements, we also acknowledge the resilience, dedication, and passion that define him as a professional. His journey inspires aviation professionals, reminding us that success is not merely about reaching the pinnacle but the journey to get there. 

Celebrating His Achievements and Looking to the Future

As we embark on a new year, the aviation industry eagerly anticipates more soaring successes from Michael Barber and the rest of the Leviate Air Group Team. His unwavering dedication to excellence and passion for the aviation industry set the stage for another year of remarkable achievements. 

Let us raise our glasses to Michael Barber—Leviate Jet Sales Top Producer of 2023—a true embodiment of excellence, dedication, and success in business aviation. Here’s to a future filled with even greater triumphs and milestones! 


Michael Barber comes to Leviate Jet Sales with extensive knowledge and a passion for the aviation industry. Michael grew up flying in North Carolina thanks to his father’s best friend, a pilot for US Airways. Michael has assisted in launching multiple boutique aviation consulting firms. He has worked in Business Development, overseeing acquisition feasibility studies, private charters, and market research.