Considerations When Flying Private

Flying in a private jet charter should be about the client, whereas flying commercial, even first class, is about the airline that the client uses. Flying with Leviate Air Group is a very luxurious and convenient way to travel. You can fly a private jet charter wherever and whenever you desire as long as it meets your need. The benefits covered are much more than luxury, however, so there are factors to consider before you hire a private jet.

What to consider before hiring a private jet

How many pilots will be on board?

It is necessary for a plane to have two pilots on board. This is to promote safety, in case the pilot on duty becomes incapacitated during the flight, the other one can take over. At Leviate Air Group, our priority is your saftey and comfort.

Are the flight crew experienced with the destination airport?

The pilots should be knowledgable of the condition of the airport they will be flying to. Asking us is the best way to get information of what extent the crew is experienced.

What are the records of the owners and operators of the plane?

You should ensure that the plane is checked out by a FAA- approved inspector by asking about the Argus safety ratings. Research and learn more about the owner of the plane and those operating it before you board it. Leviate Management has built a reputation as a leader in the private jet industry, earning the most esteemed Platinum Safety Rating by the ARG/US.

Benefits of flying a private jet


Flights can be delayed by various variables, for example, weather, late arrivals, and more. Leviate Air Group charters make it easier because you can choose a convenient departure time for your schedule.


These flights can be available at a few hours notice and can wait for you when you are running late. You can cancel the flight without going through a lot of hoops with Leviate Air Group, like that of commercial flights.

Luxury & Comfort

Our private jets provide luxury furnishing with plenty of space, individualized attention, and preferred food and drinks that can be ordered in advance. Decent meals are given in commercial flights, but they are not customizable.

Choose Aircraft & its Interior

Depending on your style, you can decide if your private jet is modern or classic. We also offer a range of sizes and luxury interiors allowing you to choose your preference. You will be able to determine the capacity of the jet depending on the one you want, which is impossible to do in a commercial airline.

Access to Private Terminals

Flying with Leviate Air Group gives you a chance to choose departure and arrival terminals. A private jet can land at whichever airport which is closer to your destination, hence avoiding queues and unnecessary delays getting to your destination.


Most commercial flights restrict what and how much you carry when boarding a plane. Flying with Leviate Air Group allows special belongings like; instruments, pets, sports gear, product samples, and many others. Pets can even sit alongside you and enjoy the same level of comfort.

Privacy & Security

Meetings can be held while flying private planes without being overheard. At Leviate Air Group, discretion and security are guaranteed to preserve the secrecy of the content discussed within the plane.