Why Private Jets are Best for City Living

The difference between private aircraft flights and commercial airlines comes down to convenience and flexibility. With Leviate Air Group, your charter will fly on your schedule to an international or domestic destination of your choice. Our private charters can land on major and general aviation airports, providing access to more destinations over scheduled airline service. For those who live in major cities, access to a private charter comes with its unique benefits.

Private Jets and City Living

Demand for air travel is increasing rapidly, and with that comes congestion. Unfortunately, this will soon be a global trend: India’s biggest hubs are already operating at 70% capacity and will reach its limit by 2022, 20 airports in Europe alone will be at maximum capacity by 2035, with US airports are also dangerously close to their brink. The congestion can be felt during the holiday season, when air travel spikes. This makes commercial flying difficult, as well as unreliable since delays are the norm during this period.

There is also an assumption that commercial flights are always accessible, 24/7. However, there are federal mandates that enact strict noise abatement procedures. In certain airports, this translates to specific flights not being accessible at night. With a private charter, you’ll be able to fly discreetly, making all airports available to you at any time. There are other unique benefits to private charters including:

Unprecedented safety

Even though air traveling is remarkably safer than other forms of transportation, with a private charter you will be able to experience enhanced security. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, charter flights have an average of 1.27 accidents per 100,000 hours of operation, compared to the statistic of 6.78 accidents per 100,000 hours of service for general aviation. While these statistics can be complicated due to outside factors, private jet flying is comparably safer.

Ability to travel with pets

Our pet-friendly private charters will allow you to travel in style with your pet, without the anxiety of your pet’s safety during the flight.

Myths Surrounding Private Flying

When it comes to private charters and city living, there seems to be some misconceptions and myths detracting from it. Here are some of these myths, demystified.

Myth: if your city is experiencing bad weather, then private jets cannot fly.

Many people think that just because the city has intermittent weather that prohibits commercial flights, then private jets follow suit. The reality is that private charters have access to much more airports than commercial airlines and will be able to adjust your flight plans accordingly. Private charters have the option of waiting out or choosing an alternate airport on a whim. Individuals who live near New York’s John F. Kennedy airport or commonly take flights from major Texas cities will particularly benefit from private charters since these airports are known for their delays.

Myth: commercial airlines actually travel faster than private charters.

Even though we have made great strides in propulsion technology, the fastest passenger jets in the sky are typically private. Private planes also fly above commercial airlines, away from typically sources of poor weather and turbulence.

To learn more about the benefits of private charters in our Dallas, Austin, Houston, and New York City locations, contact us. Leviate Air Group puts comfort, convenience, and luxury back in the airline experience. Call us today!