Charter a Private Jet to These 5 Spectacular Beaches

While summer might be simmering down in your location, there is always a place in the world to have a warm vacation getaway.

But where to go? With a private jet, the world is your oyster, and having access to the best beaches in the world is simply a charter away. Visiting a spectacular beach should be a mesmerizing experience, here are some extraordinary beaches we simply cannot get enough of.

Hoshizuna no Hama, Iriomote Island, Japan

With an amazing reef for snorkeling, this beach is also famous for the tiny, star shaped shells that make up the coastline. On the northern tip of the island Iriomote lies Hoshizuna no Hama (“Star Sand Beach”).

Each grain of sand is actually a shell from a small ocean organism. These shells take on the form of tiny stars, making for one of the most unique beach ecosystems on the planet. With a one of a kind sand, beautiful coral and multitudes of exotic fish, Hoshizuna no Hama is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Ramla Bay, Gozo, Malta

A gorgeous beach with phenomenal ambiance, Ramla Bay is known as Ramla il-Hamra, or the Red, Sandy Beach.

With a unique red tint, the beach is itself a historic site of buried Roman ruins. The crystal-clear water makes for a magical experience with stunning scenery. The residents believe the island of Gozo is the location of the Ogygia, or Calypso’s Island in the famed tale The Odyssey.

Towards the west end of Ramla Bay is a cave said to be Homer’s inspiration for the scene where Odysseus is held captive by the nymph.

Ramla Bay is a must-see location for history buffs and beach lovers alike!

Hot Water Beach, Coromandel, New Zealand

This beach is a magical destination for numerous reasons. With glow worms on the beach path, and bioluminescence in the sea water, this beach glows in the night time.

New Zealand’s Hot Water Beach features mineral springs underneath the sands. If you were to dig a hole in the sand, you can easily create a personal sized hot tub. Be careful though, because the water can be extremely hot.

None the less, Hot Water Beach remains a local favorite, and is perfect for visiting at any time of the year. For many, nothing beats a free spa bath with a refreshing swim in the ocean afterwards.

Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

A list of the best beaches could not be complete without mentioning Papakolea Beach. Prepare for some hiking if you make it to Papakolea Beach.

A three-mile trek along the Hawaiian coastline rewards adventurers with an amazing beach, covered with olive green sand and a coast that is arguably a wonder of the world. The sand gets the olive color from the minerals produced by the Puu Mahana volcano.

If you don’t want to make the hike, no need to worry, rides to the beach are available. The surf is big on Papakolea Beach but it’s a great location for swimming (or cliff diving if that strikes your fancy).

Papakolea Beach is one of many beaches in Hawaii with a nontraditional sand color, so be prepared to have a unique experience. One quick private jet charter to Hawaii grants you access to some of the best beaches in the world, so make sure this beach is on your list.

Gulpiyuri Beach, Llanes, Spain

An amazing location to travel, Gulpiyuri Beach was formed by sinkholes and caves. It’s a unique experience, surrounded by the gorgeous limestone cliffs where the beach actually gets its water. But make sure the tide is high when you visit. It will look gorgeous from the windows of your private jet, but make sure you touch your feet on the beach itself!

Green hillsides also surround the secretive beauty that is Gulpiyuri Beach, and you’ll be amazed by the geological phenomenon that is this beach.

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