Leviate Air Group’s Brand Refresh: 20 Years and Soaring!


In the world of private aviation, where prestige meets unparalleled safety and service, longevity is a testament to excellence. For over two decades, Leviate Air Group has been a fixture in private aviation. And now, as we mark our 20th anniversary, we are thrilled to unveil our new look.

Elevating Our Identity

Over the years, Leviate has become synonymous with world-class private aviation. Our reputation has been built upon the twin pillars of safety and transparency. We’re committed to representing our company and dedication to our clients and the industry with excellence. For months, our team has worked intensely to redefine our customer experience and the image we portray.

This refresh isn’t about changing who we are, but rather enhancing our visual and experiential identity to better resonate with our clients. Our new branding is a reflection of our commitment to continuous growth, longevity in the industry, and our unyielding passion for delivering unparalleled experiences. We focus on the individual, staying small in our authenticity, but investing in our growing client base.

A Digital Facelift: Website & User Experience

Our website is a crucial touchpoint. The revamped website (coming soon!) is not just about a new aesthetic, but a total overhaul of the user experience. Sleek, intuitive, and efficient, the new site will offer a seamless browsing journey for our clients. New features, like our new booking tool, will allow our charter and cargo air clients to easily customize their flight requests. (More to follow!)

We’ve also recognized the growing need for instant access to information. In response, we’ll be launching a brand new Client Portal for our Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions clients to ensure that each client receives timely responses and can access critical documents. Stay tuned for updates. Our new platform will be rich with resources, from detailed aircraft information to industry insights. Clients will always be informed, with each tool designed with your needs in mind.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Connection is at the heart of Leviate. Over the next year, clients can expect a more engaging digital presence from us. We’ll be featuring more original images, new videos, blog posts and interviews, and interactive content. We’ll offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of private aviation, and aim to foster a community where our clients feel connected and valued.

An Elevated Brand Identity

The most evident aspect of our brand refresh is our visual identity. Although not a drastic change, we’ve refined our logo, opting for a more elegant design. Our color palette, typography, and imagery have all undergone a transformation. You’ll notice dark gray, navy blue, bronze, and muted shades of lighter grays and blues throughout our materials and new site. In summary, each change is designed to align with our mission to offer an experience that is straightforward and authentic, with a touch of elegance.

Leviate Air Group | Navy and Gray Logo

Beyond the visuals, our brand identity is also about evoking feelings of trust, luxury, and transparency. Every touchpoint, from the first website visit to a flight or aircraft acquisition experience, has been carefully curated to ensure we continue to stand out as leaders in the private air industry.

The Journey

Two decades in any industry is a monumental achievement, and in private aviation, it’s even more significant. This brand refresh is not just an aesthetic change; it’s a renewed pledge to our clients. A promise that as we soar into the future, we will always prioritize the needs, desires, and expectations of our customers.

Because our legacy is founded on transparency and trust, our image reaffirms that commitment to stability and excellence. Whether it’s through our new website, enhanced customer engagement initiatives, or our elevated brand identity, we aim to deliver an experience that’s truly unparalleled.

Leviate Air Group | Celebrating 20 Years

In the words of our founder, Luis Barros, “A brand isn’t just a logo or a tagline; it should be an experience, a feeling, a memory.

As we continue to grow, we hope to create more memorable moments with our clients. With a focus on forging stronger relationships, we aim to continue to set the gold standard in private aviation.

Here’s to the next 20 years and beyond. The sky is the limit for our team. We’re excited about the journey ahead, and we’re honored to have you with us. Leviate Air Group – your single source for private aviation.

Leviate Air Group | Bronze and Charcoal Logo